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18-11-2007, 12:40
Hi there everyone!. What stones or crystals are really good in helping to clear auric field and dealing with negative spiritual encounters (some call it entity, dark energy, dark forces, lower strata being, anti-angelic) that have settled in the body/aura rather...And what stone/crystal methods to clear such do you use that you've found very effective?.


18-11-2007, 13:17
Hi, Deszroo! Now, I want to make it clear that I follow a personal . . . system?:confused: when I use crystals. It's very intuitive, and changeable. Now, disclaimer over:

I'd use selenite for this, and also celestite. I have a selenite egg that is wonderful, just wonderful, for clearing my thoughts when they are whirling for lack of release. Selenite wands (natural) are commonly used to cleanse auras. A second person passes the wand through the aura of the subject. I just bought a lovey celestite geoded egg which gives the most beautiful feeling of purity, calm and peace. I believe that some people use celestite for contact with higher sources of wisdom, especially angelic beings. I'm not "into" angels, myself, but I love the energy of this crystal. It's extremely powerful.

Possibly jet, black tourmaline, smokey quartz to absorb and remove the negatives?

When I use my crystals, I mostly just hold them and try to calm my thoughts. I focus on "the here and now" as my crystal mentor puts it. Allowing the crystal to work with me was a challenge at first, but once I got the hang of opening to it, it really helped me to let the energy work on a deep level.

I hope this helps, and that it made some sort of sense. Blessings.

\m/ Kat

Little Hare
18-11-2007, 13:38
Hi Dezaroo,

Personally I find the following stones really helpful for me...

*Smokey Quartz



*And one of the best ones for me personally... Good old Clear Quartz! I have a couple of amazing pieces and the healing energy is like being hit with the heat from and oven :D

19-11-2007, 06:14
Thanks for the replies .....!!!