View Full Version : Hematite and dreams

20-11-2007, 02:30
Has anyone else experienced hematite-induced dreams?

I went to bed while holding my hematite heart twice since getting it last week and both times, I had strange dreams. Unlike my normal dreams that I remember, these ones both moved at a slower, more subdued pace and oddly-enough, featured similarly drab environments (the first took place on a big steel ship. The second, in a gray stone cave), people from my past, some sort of dilemma that I faced with other people (in the first, I was annoyed that no one wanted to help or show emotion in the appropriate places, and in the second, I was confronted about showing emotion in inappropriate places!) and ended on a very memorable "hmmm" note.

Am I crazy, or is the stone trying to send me messages? Since it's hematite and it's about being grounded (and therefore "letting go" of bad stuff) I wonder if it's trying to bring my attention to things need my particular attention and healing before I can be "balanced and grounded" in waking life.

Any thoughts?

Briar Rose
27-11-2007, 03:17
I am sorry no one answered your post. I didn't see it until now.

Hematite is suppose to be a grounded stone, and an energy stone. So maybe the universe is sending you some sort of message like you said.

Maybe try doing a Tarot spread on it?