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27-11-2007, 09:55
Hi all,

It's nice to be back to Aeclectic again after a too-long break : )

I've gotten into hand-charting and thought it best to ask how you, the Astrology-interested public, feel about hand-worked charts and what qualities about them you find most interesting, personal or relevant in your lives...or, if hand-charting really has a place in this modern age.

Thanks, in advance, for your replies: )

It's nice being back!


27-11-2007, 12:46
Now, that statement should make an impact on some. But, I stick by it no matter how much anyone protests. I recognize that you can computer-generate a chart, many charts, all of your charts. But, do you know when you've done something wrong? Do you know when you've gotten what you asked for, but not what you intended? And, do you know what should be in the chart but isn't, or what is in the chart that isn't needed? Do you understand everything you have placed into this computerized model? Somethings were physically real, able to be seen. Other stuff is conceptual, it will never be seen. Can you look at the whole chart and immediately grasp its meaning -- or do you have to study it awhile?

With a hand cast chart, you calculate, discover and consider each element or component as you place it in the chart. First, the angles and houses -- these represent your place on earth and the time of birth which orients the whole sky around "you." When the planets are placed within this "you" orientation, you start to see individuality.

As you complete the chart and lay out the aspects, you gain an appreciation of how the planets have moved in space since the last chart cast. You become aware of cycles and sign changes -- you start to see how you fit within what the whole world is experiencing. This is you within a social context.

So, now you have a sense of individuality and a sense of social commonality. You start to appreciate your place in the world and what the world offers you. All of this comes slowly, deeply as you build a chart.

I don't think you can really become an astrologer until you can cast a chart. Because it doesn't stop there. Astrology isn't just a natal chart. Its a solar return, its a progressed chart, a mundane chart, an electional chart, a converse lunar return, a ninth harmonic, a set of mid-points, sabian symbols, arabian parts, the vedic cyclic system, planets in containment. Oh, there is so much that has to be understood, really understood.

And, it doesn't stop there. There is so much more, but that's for another posting. Throw yourself into the process. Take time to really learn. The easy stuff will still be there tomorrow. Dave

28-11-2007, 11:51
That was a good post from the astrologers perspective, but from the person who gets the chart (in my case) I'd prefer a hand drawn up chart anyday. One I have has a beutifully painted background depicting the interplay of the elements (clouds water fire, etc, and the planets) specific to my chart, with the chart graphics and info overlaid and in harmony with that.

It's a devoted work and I also pick up a lot abstractly from it.

Go for it Seaweed!