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02-03-2002, 14:10
Hello all,
My Chinese Astrological sign is the Horse and this year is the year of the Horse. I don't really know much about Chinese Astrology... so I would be interested to know if there is any significance about being a Horse in the year of the Horse?

02-03-2002, 18:26
Hey Kayne, be careful with personal relationships, of every kind - but especially on the lavorative side.
Actually I can only tell you, I don't remembr much more.

Being a Horse in the year of the Horse means just that you will have a lucky year, of, better still, a luckier year if you get what I mean... If you wait I'll get documented, but I bet yor request will be fulfilled by SOMEONE WE KNOW WELL before I happen to come back. ;D

05-03-2002, 06:38
I have a book that I just adore called "The handbook of chinese horoscopes" by Theodora Lau.

Here's the advice this book gives for someone born under the year of the horse IN the year of the horse:
"A good and prosperous year for the horse. Recognition or promotion brings him satisfaction and happiness. Plans are realized without much effort and he will be lucky playing his hunches. He may be susceptable to contagious diseases, do not visit sick people or expose yourself unnecessarily. Do not break friendships or partnerships this year.

In General , for Everyone in the year of the horse:
A lively high spirited year for all.Life will be hectic and punctuated with adventure. People will find themselves reckless , romantic and carefree. A definite time for advancement. High speed , efficiency, Action is the key word. Take care not to drive ourselves too hard. A rewarding but exhuasting year.
Exhilarating yet frustrating at times, this years pace will tax our reserve energies and leave us feeling depleted. It is a good time for letting off steam and doing all the whimsical things you ever dreamed about . Listen to your senses, follow your intuition , though the wind may be changing constantly.

05-03-2002, 06:44
Year of the horse (continued)

Impulsive , self confident. Industry , production , and the world's economy will be on the upswing. Tempers may be frayed , but good humour will prevail.
Brace yourself , the volatile horse will quicken our pulse and bring tension and stress to our everyday lives. The horses tempo is fast, his disposition sanguine but erratic. But in spite of everything , we will retain his common sense approach toward money matters. An excellent time to strike out on your own! Freedom of movement , be bold , brave , and shocking!
This year is the year of the Water Horse...................

08-03-2002, 00:02
I'm in awe... THANX PURLELADY!!!

how nice, the Water Horse! So powerful but emotive, so ovberwhelming but steady! :)

08-03-2002, 00:06
I agree with Pollux :)

Thankyou. I don't know if these characteristics are really 'me' but it was great reading them!

08-03-2002, 07:52
Kayne , the first paragraph I wrote is How a person born in year of the horse fares in the year of the horse. The rest is general information about how we all do or feel in the year of the horse. It isn't specifically the charactaristics of those born in the year of the horse. But the book has pages and pages about that which would be way too long to post here! However , I take it you were born in 1978? In which case you are an earth horse. Also , everyone has a rising sign in chinese zodiac based on time of day you were born .

08-03-2002, 08:09
Here is a little bit about the horse personality:
A person born in this year is said to be cheerful, popular, and quick witted. He has raw sex appeal rather than straight good looks. He is very perceptive and talkative. His changeable nature may lead him to be hot-tempered , rash , and headstrong at times. The unpredictable horse will fall in Love easily and fall out of Love just as easily.
The horse usually leaves home early, or perhaps take up a career at an early age. He is an adventurer at heart.The horse is a showy dresser. Open minded , flexible, non-conformist. May be a playboy! He will like things done his way. He does not like to surrender his all important freedom. He may suffer from insomnia.
The horse Has to express himself! The Earth horse is more precise and slow moving. He is apt to be more logical but less decisive. He likes to consider all sides of a question before acting.

08-03-2002, 08:20
Pollux, I'm concluding that you were born in 1983 , thus making you a boar!
" This is the sign of honesty, simplicity, and great fortitude. Gallant, sturdy , and courageous, a person born in this year will apply himself to an allotted task with all his strength and you can rely on him to see it through. Scratch the surface and you will find pure gold. He is equally reputed for his wanton pursuit of pleasure, and even depravity , when he emphasizes his negative trait :p !
It will be easy to trust the kindly boar. He rarely has ulterior motives.He is innocent an naive! He must Beware of being the victim of swindlers.
The boar believes in miracles and miracles will happen to him.He will make many lasting and beneficial friendships. You will be a great fund raiser and have a penchant for social work and charity. You seek to identify with as many people as possible. His main fault will be his inability to say "no".

08-03-2002, 10:23
Hmm I've read about the Boar cuz I'm one too. All I can say is that it matchs up almost too perfect. Everything I've done for Birth Chart to reading about Libra's or the Chinese reading...They all match me. The other night I found out my personality card...Justice and Soul card...The High Prietess. So, I'm DOOOOOMED..hehe Nah j/k. But for the most part people seen to find it easy to tell me there problems. I've always thought I was a good listener...Most of the time that is. I like to think I'm an easy to get along with person. Oh so I hope.. :)

08-03-2002, 14:39

08-03-2002, 18:34
Hey! Thanks Purplelady!

I reread the post that I replied to and I don't know what I was thinking of... (I think it was late at night...)

I kinda' like that description of me :) Thanks a lot!!!

08-03-2002, 22:53
Thank you, Purplelady.
I knew something about it too, and what I really like of my Chinese Sign is the "domestic" passion, you see, sort of Taurus/Scorpio polarity in Western Zodiac. I have a strong streak of both Taurus ans Scorpio indeed! :)

11-03-2002, 06:33
Jade is a bunny! Jade is a bunny!

"A person born in the year of the Rabbit possesses one of the most fortunate of the twelve animal signs. The Rabbit , or Hare as he is referred to in chinese mythology, is the emblem of longevity and is said to derive his essence from the moon."
"The moon hare hold the elixir of immortality in his hands. The rabbit symbolizes graciousness, good manners, sound counsel, kindness, and sensitivity to beauty. He is reserved, , artistic , and possesses good judgement. He could be a good scholar, lawyer or politician!"
"He could also be inclined to be moody, and at such times appear to be detatched from his environment or indifferent to people. The rabbit is extremely lucky in business, and has sharp business acumen. He can be diabolically cunning when he puts his mind to it! He enjoys his creature comforts.It irks him terribly to be inconvenienced for he is a considerate, modest , and thoughtful person and he would like others to be the same. He sincerely believes it costs people nothing to be nice to each other and will always make an effort to be civil, even to his worst enemy. He abhors brawling and any sort of overt animosity."
"The rabbit is one who really knows how to live , and he or she is more than willing to live and let live. The rabbit will make a quick but graceful exit from your life if you become too much of a nuisance.When pushed too far , he will discard anything or anyone who dares upset the calm of his existence. Unlike the Dragon, Dog, Tiger, or Rooster, who all enjoy a hearty fight now and then , and may even thrive on it , the rabbit has no relish for combat. (eek! I'm a tiger with the dragon rising!) :eek: ! You will rarely find a rabbit in areas of high risk.
There is no great inner struggle in the Rabbit's heart btween the forces of good and evil. He believes in his own ability to survive, relies on his own judgement , and is at peace with himself. He is the sign most apt to find peace and contentment.
-Water Rabbit-He is empathetic and can pick up the thoughts and feelings of others with uncanny accuracy. He will possess an excellent memory and may have the kind-of mental power that , without his knowing it, transmits his ideas to others. Consequently, he attracts the people he wants.

11-03-2002, 06:51
This rabbit sure sounds cool!
What really amused me was:
"The rabbit will make a quick but graceful exit from your life if you become too much of a nuisance. When pushed too far, he will discard anything or anyone who dares upset the calm of his existence. "
Well, maybe they are not extremely positive things, but I do like this type pf behaviour! Even though, often I myself feel as I could well be that nuisnace to get rid of! :D

11-03-2002, 08:31
Oooh!....how I want to be a rabbit!....

*the wooden rat*

11-03-2002, 21:57
Malachite: :D You cracked me up when I read your "Wooden Rat"!!! LOL :D

12-03-2002, 04:52
*thankyou, thankyou*

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12-03-2002, 12:07
Hi Guys, I'm a CHinese and an OXen.
Happy to see so many people interested in our culture!
But actually we have our own way of memorizing the list of Chinese horoscope, so we can remember them off the books.

12-03-2002, 19:19
Oh! Don't suppose you can teach us all in one post Silvereye??? What does it involve?

13-03-2002, 04:08
I just found this thread--I like it!!
Purplelady: You are a wealth of info; I am impressed.
'Tis been a long time since I dabbled in Chinese Astrology, & most of my books are still packed.
How does one figure the rising sign or what element?
Hubby is a Horse in the Year of the Horse.
Silvereye: I am as you, too--though years older, I am sure!

13-03-2002, 06:21
Hi Meewah! As far as the element (metal, water, wood , fire, or earth) you just have to look it up in a chart or book. It rotates every 5 years obviously, and is based on the 5 chinese elements.
As for the rising sign , that too I have a chart for..............it is Like the western rising sign charts in that the 24 hour day is divided into 12 , 2 hour periods with a sign assigned for each period. But it seems to differ in the sign it assigns for each time , and the sign does Not correspond to the same sign as western astrology, though the idea and basic format of rising sign , and even the 12, 2 hour periods are the same division of the day.
SO , if I know the birthday and Hour of birth , I can tell you the year sign and rising sign.

13-03-2002, 06:54
O.k. Malachite, it's your turn! RAT:
The rat is charming, easy to get along with ,but a penny pincher! But he will never be found wanting for admirers.He is never as quiet as he may look! He is very popular and has a multitude of friends. He is bright , happy , and sociable. He enjoys parties and other large gatherings. He can always be found in a close circle of friends or fellow conspirators. He likes getting involved and is very outgoing. He can tend to get too emotionally involved and entangled in other people's lives with friends , associates , and family members. Only his capacity for shrewdness and love of money can come above that!
He may allow his relatives , in-laws , and friends to stick around his house and live off of him! But he is irritated by idleness and waste. On the negative side, he loves to gossip and critisize. He may be a busybody, or a packrat! He could be an excellent writer, and probubly keeps tabs on everyone in town! He has an uncanny eye for detail , a good memory, and is incredibly inquisitive. He will be successful in whatever he choses to do. He will adapt himself to the situation at hand. You don't need to worry about his safety, as he always checks the back door before entering into any transaction. He knows how to get out of trouble fast, and rarely fails.
His stumbling block is overambition. He tries to do too much too soon and as a result scatters his energy. He sometimes has trouble relying on his own intuition and sound judgement because he cannot pass up bargains and so called good deals. He needs to quit while he is ahead.
Wood Rat:
He will try to explore everything and will find good use for almost anything he comes across. He can make the system work for himself and has a very good understanding of it. He is always concerned about finding the whys and wherefores. He is always worried about the future.

13-03-2002, 16:06
Actually I think we naturally learn it cause you hear it so many times during Lunar (Chinese) New Year! The TV programme just keeps telling you what would this year be like for Rabbits, for Dragons....THings like that. Anyone into FengShui here?
They will tell you for which astrological sign, according to Feng Shui, which direction is the best, blah blah blah...
The sequence of Chinese Astrology is easy to memorize.
All those animals' name are only one syllable in Chinese pronounciation. So we just memorize it like we memorize the sequence of Alphabet.
For example, Dragon is pronounced as Lung
Snake= Seh.
So you just have to memorise one syllable per word.
Here's the sequence:
Mouse= Shi (like when you ask people to lower down their voice and say Sh..)
Oxen= Ngao
Tiger= Fu (like pronoucing Full without the LL tone)
Rabbit= Tou (read it like toast without the st sound)
Dragon = Lung
Snake= Seh
Horse = Ma
Sheep= Yeung
Money = How
Hen= Gai
Dog = Gou
Pig= Ju (like when you read G )

And there's a story about Chinese astrology telling you why the mice came first.
Have you heard about it?

13-03-2002, 20:38
I'd love to hear it! Thanks, Silvereye.