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03-12-2007, 02:37
im going to ask something please don't laugh,im a little skeptical myself but, I feel I have some belief in it. I noticed people are adopting fairies on ebay. I was a little tempted but said to myself no they'll think im away with the fairies.and saw djinn charged rings going for 250 gbp. "hmmph."

I'm not one of them who has bought one of the above as I would stamp the word sucker on my forrid but each to their own. I would like to connect to the fae. Are there crystals/oils that can help you to do this please?

*asking but slightly embarassed.hides under a rock*

03-12-2007, 03:25
I remember having a wonderful conversation with a shamanic practitioner about trolls. I know, not quite the same thing but bear with me. When they moved to a new house in Yorkshire, she and her partner had some healing work to do with the land around them and part of that was walking along a 20 mile track and offering something at each crossing place (where roads/paths/rivers ect cross or join oneanother). When she asked what to offer, she was told 'glass beads' the type you put in the bottom of vases and stand flowers in - you know the type?

Seemingly these tiny, shiny offerings were greatly received and areas long abandoned became more useable, places felt better and the trolls (guardians of the crossing places) were very impressed.

This makes me think that a nice polished crystal, something which looks nice will be much appreciated.

In the past, in different countries people have made tiny dwellings for their fae friends. Perhaps you could do this, make a tiny house, make it look nice and put a tiny sign on the door inviting the right fae to take up residence.

You may find that leaving the little abode in the right place for a while (woodland or other place in nature) will work. Your garden may even be suitable.

03-12-2007, 03:29
People in Thailand make these:


03-12-2007, 04:55
hi Milfoil that is such a sweet idea. we do have flowers in our garden but I am a private person and too shy to head out and do this so it would have to be something I do indoors as we live in the city.

Little Hare
03-12-2007, 07:06
I wouldn't feel embarrassed shadowbane :) there are quiet a few of us on here who believe in faeries :) when wanting to connect with the fey... one of the simpliest steps is to go out into nature... Sometimes i'll make an offering of some tumble stones, especially rose quartz to show them how much i love them

03-12-2007, 07:26
I'm with peace_pixie! Please don't feel embarrassed. Come over to our Froud Faerie Oracle Study Group. We're all involved with faeries and nothing surprises us! (giggle)

One of the ways I connected with the faeries was to get the Froud Faerie Oracle. I've had it for years now and they're real to me. :) Having that deck has helped me be more open to the fae. Just a suggestion.

Guiding Cauldron
03-12-2007, 07:32
the only thing u need to help connect to the fae is ur intended thought :) The more focused intended thought u have the closer youll get to them. Just talk to them lik eu would a friend already, in your mind or outloud- they lik ethat :)

I have fae that live in my house and in my garden they are a lively crew too lol I'm quite a private person myself about my spirituality well unles its around AT :)

In my home I have a lovely bowl getting very full of all sorts of crystals, fae LOVE shiny things, sweet things, glittery things and MUSIC! They love music and they love seeing u enjoy music too, dance, sing, hum, be silly - they love it and any attempt we humans make to connect with them. Just ask them that they have patience with you as you learn how to connect with them and that you wish them no ill will and will they kindly ofer you only protection and knowledge and how to better communicat ewith them- theyll know if ur menainful or not :)

u could make a nature bowl in ur house if u want something low key and unobtrusive, collect a leaf from a woodland walk, or a seashell, or a pebble you see in your travels. Pinecones, rosehips, acorns, feathers, whatever u find.....Fae are outdoorsy kind so anything relateing to nature in you rhome they will love and find; even a basic green house plant :)

I remember my very first fae sighting and yes I KNOW it was a real fae without a doubt all I was doing was reading a book about the FAE, and we connected visually it was pure magic :) Nothing huge but just a nod and a smile shared- while i dropped my jaw to the floor like a guppy fish! I couldnt beleive it- but it really hapened to me lol

I now have a fae stautue in my house and knick knacks of things they like, shiny stones, a rainbow colored glass that is just for them, it makes me smile when i walk past these things and i rememebr my fae are close at hand. Also i notice it in my garden too as I have plants that bloom all year when they shouldnt in freezing weather!

so have no fear nad rest assured there are others who talk and enjoy teh fae too :) bright blessings xx

03-12-2007, 07:51
Welcome to the I love the Fey Club!!! (a possible future thread??)

Fey love little things, milk, honey, shiny stones, coins, thimbles, bells...so many things! They also love wildflowers and herbs, so making arrangements like that would be most welcome! Here is my setup for this past Midsummer's Eve celebration. We take our local Fey very seriously, here!

03-12-2007, 17:24
People in Thailand make these:


I have two of these by my front gate, one I purchased and one that I made out of wood. We put a few toys in/on them, some animal figurines, some flowers, a glass of water and a bowl with sand to put the incense and on very special days we put out a table with food on it.

04-12-2007, 06:23
WOWWWZERRR what a response. Thanks for making me not feel silly about my post. I feel welcomed and happy you have replied to my post.I was shya nd felt embarrassed asking about my beliefs as itís all new to me the fae but I am so glad I have come across others and would be happy to keep in contact.

peace_pixie nice to meet you rose quartz will remember that one!

fauna bay
Id be happy to come and look over at your forum. Iíll have to add the deck to my wish list. I cant find the thread for the froud oracle study group. I found a lot of threads about faeries I didnt expect to find *Smiles*. can I have the link please ty

Guiding Cauldron

I could get away with a Nature bowl in my home. We are in the city so what I do needs to be indoors. Or done privately somewhere. I could certainly collect a few pine cones. I have some shells my neice brought me back from holiday. I didnít have a use for them now I do.

I believe in the fact you KNOW you saw the fae and donít doubt you one bit. It must have been so magical.
In I'm glad I asked about the fae it's lovely talking to others who do believe and seeing the photos too. The fairy statues are so pretty I can imagine they would feel so at home there as it looks magical. The spheres you have shown are pretty I was drawn to the turquoise one and the green fae statue. HearthCricket
I like the idea of a fey club hmmm I wonder. Iíve just volunteered to walk in a charity shop and they have said I am able to buy items there. Fingers crossed some fae items will be there I can buy and itís a great way for me to buy as Iím giving something back as well and easier for me money wise.

Willowfox ty for sharing. How long did it take you to build one? Im not good with my hands but admire the fact you did this.

it sounds like you all have such good hearts.

Milfiori you said about glass beads. Do they need to be specific colours.

Cant believe im talking openly about faeriesÖbut

It feels pretty darn good.

Shadowbane <<<looks at their name scratches head

04-12-2007, 06:41
fauna bay
Id be happy to come and look over at your forum. Iíll have to add the deck to my wish list. I cant find the thread for the froud oracle study group. I found a lot of threads about faeries I didnt expect to find *Smiles*. can I have the link please ty

Just so you know how to do it.....click on the header "Oracle Study Group" and you'll see the Faeries Oracle. Click on that and there will be lots of threads you can read. But here's a link too: http://www.tarotforum.net/forumdisplay.php?f=31

And of course you don't NEED the Faeries Oracle to connect with the fae. That was just the way I did it. :) Now they talk to me all the time. (giggle)

04-12-2007, 09:43
Ta see you there!


08-12-2007, 01:38
thanks for the help

09-12-2007, 13:46
There used to be a New Age store, here in town, that held classes for making gorgeous fairy houses. I wish I knew the name of the person who came in, but they were from Europe, and the pictures of the homes were absolutely exquisite. The would take a few months to complete and have them ready by spring...multi levelled, using sticks, twigs, bark, moss, stones, flowers, nuts, etc. I wanted to sign up for it the following year but the store closed down. I keep my eye open for the possibility, again, because I would love to create one, or I might just do a bit of doodling and see what I can come up with myself and give it a try. But it would be fun to do it with someone else. Those classes must have been amazing!

10-12-2007, 02:42
Have you seen this?


10-12-2007, 02:47
Hi all I have got together a few items and placed them on my chest of draws.


I have since taken the cloth off as I started to see gold lights before. I added the black moon and stars cloth and dont think it went down well.

:( cant view the above thread fairywalk as im not a subscriber.

ill drop by later want to watch the end of ghost whisperer.

10-12-2007, 03:05
That is very nice shadowbane it looks so interesting. I wish I had more room to spread out inside. Fairies are so wonderful !

10-12-2007, 03:14
thanks I just saw how blurry the pic is.


11-12-2007, 02:01
I really enjoy seeing pics of peoples lovely things. its so nice that we can all come here to share our experiences & swap ideas. I have recently moved into an old victorian terraced house & when I moved in it seemed quite cold & dark. Now I have all my crystals, cards etc out my windchimes up & have done some clearing work, I know the Fae have come with me & are enjoying exploring the house! :)

11-12-2007, 03:25
I am enjoying adding crystals around the place mysticalmoose. I am not finding it easy to know what they like. I know it will take time. I am glad that they followed you to your new home. I have found through allowing the fae into my life that I am in need of some clearing work with my home too. They only make very brief appearances. I think I need to add new things. I would love to move as well and downsize.

11-12-2007, 03:42
I would also add plants, flowers and herbs, especially in windows and by the hearth, to attract them to come into your home. Offerings of milk, honey and cake is always appreciated and they love anything glittery or shiny. Fairy coins, thimbles, interesting crystals, pretty stones, tiny furniture, pretty pictures, rose petals making a pathway to the food offerings is a sure way to attract them. But be sure to keep the house neat and quiet. They won't visit chaos and don't like loud noises!

11-12-2007, 03:58
Thanks I hope to add to it at a later date. christmas is stopping me from adding more to it. I have to keep some money back for presents b'days. I do like what you have done Hearthcricket I like how warm and welcoming it looks. no loud music here. The neighbours might do, which will probably push them outside. I have to get in the loft sometime and have a look around see if there is anything around I could add to it. Thanks for the ideas very much welcomed.