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17-12-2007, 12:55
Good evening ladies and gents,

A bit of a question please. So we are coming up on Christmas and I received a gift early. Last night I was given this mammoth blue topaz oval shaped ring. My very first thought was 'okay.. why are you here'. I have read on the blue topaz, and know what it's properties are for. But I never wear oval, and this is not something I would have EVER picked for myself.

Having said that? Would you please share with me your personal experiences with your own blue topaz? I would be grateful for any and all of your insight. I have read that it enhances and increases psychic perception and it is understood but I'm really trying to just communicate with the piece.


18-12-2007, 09:54
Interesting you ask this question
IMHO I have only just started wearing my blue topaz again
and well it has sort of bought me good luck or good fortung - I got to go to a fantastic conference for work, a high level meeting - which ran well then last night won a bike for my son for Christmas...
I know could just be in a lucky moment (for a change :D)

In Crystal Astrology
Sagittarius 20
Sabian Symbol: Men cutting through ice for summer use
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Procurement
Expression: Blue Topaz is a popular gemstone. Blue Topaz encourages leadership qualities, willing participation, integrity and trust.
Message: Cooperation and mutual respect lead to added benefits.
Sun Focus: An inspirational leader, explorer and adventurer, you are prepared and will succeed.
Affirmation: I plan ahead and successfully reach my goals.

So I think the key work - Procurement being the acquisition of goods and/or services at the best possible cost, in the right quantity and quality, at the right time in the right place for a total benifit.. well it just feels right at the moment, a good stone leading up to Christmas I hope you procure many fine things that you need


18-12-2007, 10:57
Thank you!!

Briar Rose
18-12-2007, 12:37
I can understand the appeal, so Blue Topaz is such a lovely color, however, there is a whole thread on it. I would stay away from it.


18-12-2007, 13:00
Topaz is my birthstone and if you shop around enough you can find some lovely natural blue topaz jewelry. It is softer, like the sky with a bit of green and haze to it. I have a lovely tumbled piece and here is one in the raw, with a nice price tag of over 3000.00! :) I find the natural blue topaz to be a very calming stone and almost angelic-like.


19-12-2007, 00:57
I can understand the appeal, so Blue Topaz is such a lovely color, however, there is a whole thread on it. I would stay away from it.

Thank you for this information!

But as a direct result of this post, last night I did something completely stupid. I just got this gorgeous 5ct blue topaz as a holiday gift from the boyfriend. Now Iím not saying it is anyone's fault but my own so hear me out please.

Because it was not something I am used to wearing
Because itís not the shape or color stone I am used to wearing
And because I do not know why it came to me instead of something else I asked for, I went into a tail spin while reading this information

The bottom line was, it was a gift. I wanted something sparkly and oh lord did I get it. Unfortunately for me I was on the phone with him WHILE I was reading this information. Could I possibly have made the poor man feel any worse about trying to buy his girlfriend a sparkly for Christmas????? At the end of the day with a lot of groveling and humility everything worked itself out. And after several conversations with the guides I have come to these conclusions. It does not matter what physical or metaphysical property ANY stone was treated with or given. The fact that all gems are nothing more than conduits and can be reprogrammed through my own energies completely dispels the myth that I could not use this ring for healing or anything else.

If a curse only has power based on your belief in it, then the same holds true in opposite form. There is a balance to all of this, and I choose the flipside.

Thank you for a valuable lesson on many levels.

19-12-2007, 01:45
Well said. We can all go nuts about what kind of rings/stones we wear or work with, but the bottom line is if you like it or not. And being a gift makes it far more special than any other reason. I have blue topaz earrings from my husband. I don't hesitate wearing them. There is natural blue topaz and manmade. The same goes for a lot of gems out there. I'm going to stick to whatever I like. Blue topaz isn't my first choice, as I prefer the peachy gold colour of an imperial topaz, but that is just personal taste. Enjoy your gift! I bet it is stunning! Wear it with joy and blessing and the love that came with it. :)

19-12-2007, 01:50
Hi Sonic.... well understood and a good recovery. A 5 ct. blue topaz sparkling on your finger also gave you a secondary gift of increased understanding, which, I might add, most of us learn that same hard way. :)

19-12-2007, 02:32
I own a natural blue topaz Goddess pendant - it's gorgeous and I love it for many reasons, but for me it is above all a very gentle healing stone. It is useful, among many things, to prevent or cure cystitis (including of the honeymoon variety }) ;)). It has a gentle very clear vibration, both of air and water, a bit like gentle rain in a drought. It is calming during periods of stress, and it is invaluable for clear, open but non-aggressive communication. All things that make it a very good gift from a boyfriend!

I would say you are very lucky and privileged to have received such a gift, especially in a ring :love:

19-12-2007, 10:29
Interesting. I just got offered a quantity of Topaz sand. (I asked how much they had and was told - several tons!)

Am I right in assuming it is only the irridated ones that are possibly harmful?

I looked itup in 777 ; Tiphpareth - so stongly solar, Elemental air and Taurus. I'm wondering if it can be used as an agricultural preparation (like quartz), but the posts and refs. have made me a bit nervous, also I'm not sure what has happened to this sand as it is possibly the result of some type of minig process.

But I like your image of gentle rain in a drought Fudu .... mabe it could be used as part of the drought breaking spray sequence?

19-12-2007, 17:17
If a curse only has power based on your belief in it, then the same holds true in opposite form. There is a balance to all of this, and I choose the flipside.

Thank you for a valuable lesson on many levels.


AHhh yes and mine was a gift too!
for my wedding from my husband...

Briar Rose
20-12-2007, 11:39
After reading all the information from the Jeweler's Association the bottom line is THEY are saying there are 2 types of methods for enhancing the Topaz. One is irradiated and and one is heat treaded. And THEY say that both aren't harmful.

If you are really really curious you could write to International Isotopes; John Miller and ask him what he thinks. They are the # 1 company in the industry that tests the gemstones for these sort of questions.


I wrote to him about my Vaseline glass beads, and he told me they give off a back room radiation. So they are sitting outside my house for the meantime. Everyone on the AT thread I posted agreed I should get rid off those beads.

So I am a little confused about how an irradiated Topaz could be well liked here. Is it the color???

I don't think we can just look at a gemstone and say, "Okay, I am sending you good thoughts so you aren't going to be bad." If it's irradiated it's bad. We can't take out the properties.

Anyways, to sound like a total hypocrite, I have a HUGE blue topaz my mom&dad gave me years ago. And I wear it once in a while. It is not London Blue. And I think it's heat treated, but who knows???

What I don't think I would do with it is use it for healing, or meditating.

And, the # 1 topaz in question this holiday season is the London Blue Topaz. Most jewelry stores pulled it off the showroom.

In January I start studying for my gemstone and diamond certification. All I can go by now is what International Isotopes tells me, and what I feel as a Crystal Healer.

And I don't think you are going to die if you wear the lovely ring your boyfriend bought you!!!!!!

20-12-2007, 19:12
Now that's a ring! Very nice indeed.

21-12-2007, 16:41
Now that's a ring! Very nice indeed.



Little Hare
21-12-2007, 18:23
Good Lord :bugeyed:

I want a blue topaz ring :laugh:

Briar Rose
22-12-2007, 12:10
Hey Sonic, I like your ring too. The stone is pretty, and I like the band. It is what I would have picked out for myself.

23-12-2007, 01:18
Beautiful rings, both of you! Very nice and elegant. Blue topaz is a pretty stone to wear~all blues and purple stones are. I would love a tanzanite one, but they are supposedly very brittle, so I don't dare!!