View Full Version : Aries and Sagittarius Relationship

Al Si'ra
18-12-2007, 00:21
Should be fiery and passionate right? I am a sagittarian with a virgo ascendant, capricorn in moon and my boyfriend is an aries with a virgo ascendant, pisces in moon..

I know one Aries guy and that is my brother..He is very artistic talented and unfortunately gets easily bored of his girlfriends and now even.of wife..He is the hardest guy to deal with..And plus i haver noticed him falling in love..

On the other hand my boyfriend acts so sweet and soft towards me and seems faithful althouth it's been only 2 months.. The thing is we are not very passionate nor wild..on the other hand he acts like a very traditional guy and he is very practical just like me...

One thing scares me though..he says he gets easily bored and then does pretty bad things once the magic is gone..just like an aries guy huh? wasn't surprised..

However what i'd like to know is the compatibility of our signs together..
I'd appreciate if you could comment on the relationship of these signs...

Thank you


05-01-2008, 17:46
I've known an Aries and he would get bored very easily, too.
I say make the best of it as it is right now. Don't look forward to the future in a negative sense, just roll with it ;)

Sagittarius and Aries is a good pair though, so perhaps the renown wildness of your signs will have a reversed effect on your couple. like putting two negatives together (hyper, active, wild, un-tamable) resulting in two positives (calm, grounded, solid, long lasting relationship).

09-01-2008, 01:28
Well as a saving grace, your boyfriend is grounded by his Virgo ascendant. :)Every Aries I have ever known has had a short attention span, but are a lot of fun!
Also you both have virgo and sag does not like to be tied down, so you both share 2 personality characteristics - Aries and Sag are free spirits, but virgo grounds both of you. Capricorn in your chart reminds me of traditional Saturn and his Pisces Moon gives him a dreamer's depth.