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13-11-2002, 21:00
Can anyone explain what the different "envelope" icons at the side of the thread titles mean, other than the xplanations that are given below? I see the normal grey envelope, a grey envelope with a black dot, a grey envelope with lines radiating from it, and sometimes a grey envelope with a black dot AND lines radiating from it...and also what's the difference between orange envelopes with/orange envelopes without black dots?

What's the difference? Just very curious!

13-11-2002, 22:22
When there's a black dot on the envelope, it means you contributed to the discussion. When the envelope turns from yellow to grey, it means you have read all of the posts, and there's no new post that you have notread yet. If the discussion is "hot", i.e. that it has got many views and many people have read it (you can check the number of views beside the number of posts per thread) - the icon will be orange if you have not read some posts yet, and grey with lines radiating if you have already ream it all...

gray - a thread in which you have read all the posts
gray with lines radiating - "hot" discussion, high number of views
yellow - the thread contains new posts you have not read
Orange - as "Yellow", but in addition it also is a "hot" discussion
Black Dot - you have posted a message in the thread

14-11-2002, 00:33
Thanks, Pollux :) I wil never look at an ordinary envelope the same way again...