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20-12-2007, 06:39
what's happening astrologically people, I have been tossing and turning all night long for the past 3 nights its soo annoying im so sleep deprived!

mystic mal
20-12-2007, 08:04
There is a Full moon aproaching Christmas Eve and Christmas day,are you worried about the festive occasion in any way.? The full moon is sometimes a crisis point where things come to a head therefore "enlightening" the situation. I dont know much about astrology so thats all I can offer.

20-12-2007, 12:23
it may very well be but the full moon affects me once it has already arrived not before this is why im baffled, I am stressed though as im preparing a feast to celebrate yule tomorrow but i just feel like it may be more than that

20-12-2007, 12:29
I am usually a mess the day of the full moon - i may not even cognitively know it is a full moon but BOY am I UP when it comes! Like clockwork!!!

but nightqueen I've been sleeping well lately so I can tell you it isn't the full moon... :D

Don't know why you are bothered. sorry! I hope it ends soon!

:heart: pleasant dreams...

21-12-2007, 19:50
the sun has been and conjuncted with pluto at the end of sagitarius the last few days - not sure if you have a strong planet at that degree and what house it is in - just an idea - this could give an edgy intense uneasiness - i've read where pluto is concerned the best thing is to get good sleep and let things percolate and sort themselves out in your unconscious - hope this has mostly passed for you now :)

Barbaras Ahajusts
22-12-2007, 15:27
There is a full moon come Sunday! A full Cold Moon at that! ;)

I had insomnia last night. The night before I did toss a bit, but was mentally in charged of how I handled the sleep loss.

This full moon feels different, though. No nuttiness. Just an "ease" into things. I sure hope this feelings stays!


Barbaras Ahajusts
24-12-2007, 00:51
Bug is my 8 yr old granddaughter. Her & I have gone through allot this past year. So we find ourselves discussing the strangest of things off and on.
But last night I wanted to set on her, the little know it all! ;)

Grandpa and Bugs mama were discusing how the full moon affects people. Bug jumped in wanting to know how a planet could affect people and more importantly how the moon affected us. No matter what anyone said to her, she had to argue a point, any given point that is!

But the fact that she saw a "full" moon Friday & Saterday ment we already hit the full moon phase. Of course, I tried to explain that technically the full moon would be after 8pm on Sunday night, for Texas & it was called The Cold Full moon.
She rolled her eyes and said, "I guess you haven't looked at the moon in a few nights have you Grammy?" :bugeyed:
Sometimes that little Virgo reminds me of her Aunt. Always right and the rest of the world could take a hike. :laugh:

At least no one is trying to eat brains or sucking blood/energy from anyone!:bugeyed:


27-12-2007, 08:13
i've been a bit like this too over the last few days....started with a restless, sad feeling on friday of last week, and reached a bit of head last night...

feel lighter now, but slowly shaking 'it' off... hoping my sleep will go back to normal as it resulted in lots of vivid dreams, and i now have panda eyes *eep*


27-12-2007, 10:48
Sometimes it's not just whether the moon is full or not, it's also to do with it's position in relation to your local horizon (asc. MH desc, IC) and whether it's path is ascending or descending, when its crossing the equator and combinations of all of these things to make some full moons mild and others intense or more intense mood effects aside from the fullness.

27-12-2007, 10:56
Mars is very bright at the moment.

Briar Rose
27-12-2007, 13:43
Try having your period on the full moon.

28-12-2007, 02:40
I don't know if it's due to the moon or the alignment of other planets in my chart... but lately I've been feeling a bit "slackerish"...lol... that is to say... I have little interest in taking care of certain responsibilities... namely doing the same job I've been doing for 3 years now. Seriously... I am finding myself more drawn to pleasant distractions (ie: AT) lately rather than wanting to clear my ever growing pile of whatever in my inbox. Sigh... ;)

28-12-2007, 05:20
I dont know what it is i doubt is the full moon but my moods are so crazy ltely. ill feel really angry out of no where for no reason at all. i dont like it :(

Barbaras Ahajusts
28-12-2007, 15:18
Here's one for the books. How about someone contacting you that thought things were done and over with! Blew me away to hear from them. I don' t know if its the Venus thing or a full moon residue?

Odd to say the least!


01-01-2008, 14:03
Ooh! It's been a wicked-hard few weeks, the last 5 days especially! People keep wanting to pick fights with me...and I just want to be left alone : ) Everybody's just stirring up the muck...exceptionally strange requests, people from the past over-shadowing the future in bad ways, family acting opposite themselves...today I just wanted to go out, get some air, enjoy nature and buy a book, but at the bookstore the same guy came up to me 3 times in less than 10 minutes, sought me out in the stacks, 3 separate times, and wanted to pick a fight. Ohhhhh...I had to keep telling him I was just there to buy a book. I found one, bought it and beat a swift retreat! I'll just keep to the library in the future : )

Just tell me when it's going to be over and if things will right themselves when whatever this is is done? : )

Barbaras Ahajusts
01-01-2008, 14:14
Lets see if I remember all of this correctly.
Friday, hubby who is suppose to be so damn sick, threw out our daughter becasuse she ran off the neighbor pedophile after hubby said he could cross our property to chase his dog who somehow got out. That was a hugh ass no no to let that nasty man over here. Not acceptable ffor any reason. Then the sickly hubby kicked out the grandkids. At this point am screaming and crying. Don't kick out the babies! WRONG thing to do. I sided with their mom. The Sheriff took them to a shelter. Thank God that shelter was her older sisters home. Whew!

I was working on the whys of why I do things when this happen. I now know that I am ready to release so many things. I haven't looked into theri charts, but hubbys must have gone off the charts cause I damn near killed him.

They are back with me, but the strange & sick one won't let their mother back in. I think he will in time. I'm ready to let the pedophile take him home. Nuts to all the nuts, I say!

Its is a wierd time. What is up right now?

01-01-2008, 15:03
Oh, Barbaras! So sorry to hear how everything's going 6 diferent ways to weirdness and heartbreak! The holidays always bring things to such a crisis/breaking point, just the opposite of what we hope for! I've never understood how the "Merry" gets into Christmas and the "Happy" got into New Year. Instead of a new year being Spring-like and renewing, smack-dab in the middle of Winter it seems like frustrated people sever all kinds of things that have to be re-knit to mend families.

I really hope things mellow out for you soon...although it can't come soon enough : )

01-01-2008, 16:16
{{{Barbaras Ahajusts}}} Lass, I don't know where all this falls in your chart but... having Jupiter conjuncting Pluto with Mars opposing, well, what can one say but, 'shit happens', *sigh*

Mars is a fist-fight, Pluto is a nuclear bomb, and Jupiter makes it all BIGGER and more EXCESSIVE, *ugh* (can anything really get more excessive than being nuked??? sheesh...)

As if all this isn't bad enough, Pluto, Jupiter, and Mars are loosely squaring Uranus... the planet of ERRACTIC, SUDDEN doings, (suddenly feeling the squeeze and desperately wanting to get FREE from WHATEVER-- your husband throwing everyone out???)... and when mixed with Pluto and Mars, count that 'getting free' in an angry, rageful, frustrated way...

But wait, there's more... Pluto Jupiter, and Mars are also squaring, (whilst Uranus is opposing), retrograde, (meaning UNDERSCORE), Saturn, the planet of FEAR, in Virgo (the sign of ORDER)! What this translates into is the FEAR of CHAOS, (chaos being Uranus' domain, and Virgo's bane)... and that certainly seems to be what's been happening on your doorstep, eh???

The only thing you have to hang onto is: This Too Shall Pass...

I know it's cold comfort but, in a nutshell, that's what's happening... EVERYTHING is up to facing 'IT', (whatever 'IT' is), re-evaluating 'IT', and transforming 'IT'...

Hold on to your socks, lass {{{hugs hugs hugs}}}

01-01-2008, 16:25
DELETED... double post... sorry 'bout that...

02-01-2008, 09:48
Errrk, sorry to hear that Barb. Sounds so full on. I hope things work out and righteousness prevails (a little spell coming your way). :heart: