View Full Version : Having Gemstones polished, Carved or shaped?

22-12-2007, 01:08
I was wondering if anyone knew know to go about having a rough stone or mineral polished, or even shaped.

I'm really rather clueless, but I have some quartz points I'd like polished and some rough stones tumbled.

I've also been mulling over the idea of having a piece of quartz carved into a petal, but I expect that's incredably expensive (a quick google took me to peices that ranged in the several hundreds to thousands, but given the equippment nessicary I expect that's proably fair. You guys be the judge, i really have no idea XD)

even better, does anyone know a good, trustworthy and fair gemstone-smith-worker-person?

Briar Rose
23-12-2007, 23:49
Try a silversmith in your area. Or go to a private jeweler in your area and ask if they can or if they know of anybody that has this as a hobby. Or if you have a newspaper you could put a small ad in for a couple of bucks. Or you could send an e-mail to a jewelry desgn school and have a student work on carving a piece.

If you just want something tumbled, you could buy a machine for under $50.00 and make that your hobby. Then you could wire wrap your Crystals and make some money back.

And if you have points that are scratched you could buy jeweler's rouge (it's a red wax stick. It's great for buffing out flaws in gemstones, and gold & silver.