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24-12-2007, 19:46
Hi guys I wonder if you could help me with a rather puzzling occurance.

I have a bunch of crystals dotted about - mostly quartzes, a celestite and what I think is a sunstone. The weird thing is the sunstone, and only the sunstone, aquires a pool of water!

I have made absolutely sure that there is no leak etc etc and yet it gets wet. The temperature of the house is pretty constant as we don't use the central heating much as it affects my mum's asthma. The house does have a damp-course (at least I think that's what it's called) but all the houses in this area tend to get condensation on the windows, even those with double glazing. But I keep all my crystals and stones away from the windows (and also to stop them fading). And so I just cannot think why this could be happening. :(

I hope you can shed some light


25-12-2007, 07:45
I have been thinking about this all morning.. and finally think I have come up with at least one possibility. Although I am not a chemist [trying to rule out the natural phenomena first] This is one of my theories.

A sunstone is a variety of oligoclase which can be transparent or translucent and varies in color from golden to orange to red-brown. Sunstone glitters due to hematite or goethite crystals suspended in the stone. It can be found in Canada, Oregon, India, Norway, and Russia. Sunstone is brittle and has a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale.

Hematite is Iron ore consisting of ferric oxide in crystalline form, hematite is silvery, shiny opaque stone that becomes a red powder when ground down. It manifests in splendent rhombohedral crystals that are very heavy and cold to the touch.

Ferric oxide is a dark red compound, Fe2O3, occurring naturally as hematite ore and rust and used in pigments and metal polishes and on magnetic tapes. Quite simply referred to as jewelers rouge.

I know this is a stretch-but here is the resulting theory: If the chemical composition of water is H2O and since the ferric oxide already contains O3 is it possible that it contains hydrogen as well? Spontaneously occurring puddles of water however would occur as they would condensation in natural occurances wouldn't they?

Thank god for the web. I can't get the frigging link ref code to work to save my life so here is the ugly reference code. http://www.zulumoon.com/glossary/S-glossary.htm

27-12-2007, 05:04
Hmmm, interesting. I don't know much about chemistry but it makes sense to me. I don't mind it making water - it's easy enough for me to clean up, I just hope it's not damaging it!

Thanks for your time,

27-12-2007, 05:19
Maybe you've just solved the mystery of all those crying Madonna statues.

28-12-2007, 07:43

I know some of you won't have seen doctor who, but now I can't get the episode with the weeping angels out of my head long enough to type anything else *shakes head*

02-01-2008, 06:57
Hello everyone!

I offer a chemical perspective; within Chemistry there are certain chemicals that exibit something called; Hygroscopicity or even Deliquesence. Essentialy this means that the chemical will pull atmospheric water out of the atmosphere and make a solution of itself.

It is possible that your Sunstone is contaminated with traces of compounds exhibiting these phenomina...

Now, the only reason I say this is that these soutions are potentially irritant or harmful. I would advise caution in cleaning these soutions up, perhaps use kitchen gloves. Also I would reccomend that the crystal not be paced anywhere that an animal or person could ingest any of the solution.

Something that I will say, is that the theory given by Sonic is really rather chemically impossible. Please please please don't take that as an insult!

I do hope that I have helped! And please do remember this is looking at the situation purely chemically and ignores the possibility that it is just condensaton!

Love and Light,


02-01-2008, 11:15
Something that I will say, is that the theory given by Sonic is really rather chemically impossible. Please please please don't take that as an insult!
Oh god no, I find your knowledge fascinating! I was chemically reaching at straws trying to work with compounds I know nothing about. Logically it made sense but for practicality I was at a loss. I got a great deal of enjoyment out of the weeping virgins comment though roflmao!
Thank you for your added input!!

Purple Spirit
01-10-2008, 03:44
I just read your post. I have 2 lovely pieces of orange salt crytal (Halite) that are orange-peach. One is made into a votive candle holder. I never have a problem with them unless it is humid out or raining and then they leave a puddle that when it dries leaves a white salty film on the table. They seem to pull water out of the air and melt a little. I keep each one in a small dish so that they don't cause any problems with water damage of they table or anything around them.

17-10-2008, 03:31
Sorry I haven't been around much. It could well be halite and not sunstone as I thought as I have not had a problem with it all summer.

Thank you!