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31-12-2007, 22:58
Something weird that has happened to me for many, many years is that I seem to keep drawing the same sign to me in phases...and this has gone round and round the astrological wheel.

For the past 3 years, I've had Sagittarians, galore! Everywhere I turned, another Sagittarian was there for me to meet. Now, everything has switched. Everyone I meet, potential dates, new acquaintances, new co-workers...all Geminis. Prior to the these two signs, it was Capricorns. And prior to that, other signs. As I said, I've been around the wheel...and this happens in phases.

Can anyone explain this phenomenon? I don't understand if it has any significance, but it's so uncanny to me, especially as it seems to happen without me doing anything...just seems to happen in groups of the same sign, in phases. Thoughts?



01-01-2008, 00:34
Have you checked your progressed Moon? Some people resonate quite strongly to various Lunar components in their charts. The Moon, by secondary progression, might fit with your 3 year cycle as it moves through a sign every two and one half years. Dave

01-01-2008, 22:34
I hadn't thought of progressed Moon, Dave. Interesting. Hmmm...how do I do that? My moon is in Sagittarius, and perhaps that explains drawing all the Sagittarians over the past few years. But it can't go from Sag to Gemini. So what's with all the Geminis around me now?


03-01-2008, 23:23
Sometimes we have to think in terms of six sign groups, not twelve. Whatever the qualities of Sag are, they can't be adequately defined without the Gemini qualities being considered. It is something like reversed Tarot cards, you can see any card as having a number of conflicting attributers, or you can use the reversed card as a means of defining alternative meanings for the core "good" meanings.

Signs are not "good" or "bad" but do represent a type of polarity or counter- balancing expression. Since you only have Saturn in Gemini in your chart, I don't see any outward "switching" mechanism to link Sag and Gemini qualities other than the natural polarity issue. You might want to ask yourself if there were factors such as age difference, social strategies or organizations, or working environments (all "Saturn" things) involved in these relationships. Dave