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18-11-2002, 16:21
Hey guys,
Everyone seemed to like the suggestion of exploring the "sign of the month" in their own personal birth charts. So I figured I would go ahead and start it up. If you don't have a copy of your own birth chart, then go to www.astro.com. You can obtain one there for free. If you need to remember the attributes of Scorpio and the 8th house, then please check out the main study group thread. And finally, don't be embarassed to put out your opinion of what something might mean! We're all here to help and teach each other - right? Right. ;) So here are my planets relating to Scorpio:

Uranus in Scorpio
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn in my 8th house
Scorpio is the cusp of my 11th house

I'll have to come back later with a better stab at what it all means...

But first of all, the stack up of planets in my eighth house demonstrates my intense interest in the occult (hey, I'm here right!).

:) Kes

18-11-2002, 17:26
OK,Here's mine: :D

No planets in Scorpio
Venus in 8th house (read it somewhere that this signifies peaceful death. ;) )
Scorpio is the cusp of the 9th house.(this,I'll need to find out)

This is what I've learnt before:
Signs ==>Style
House ==>What/Where

eg.Moon in Aries in 1st house
=Developing an assertive (Aries style) personality(1st house-what/where) will help you to find inner security (Moon energy)

20-11-2002, 06:35
I have Moon in Scorpio in my 1st House.

The first House rules the Self. It brings out qualities that tell me about the things that make up what I call "me." Mannerisms, likes and dislikes, the way I go about doing things, the way I see the universe, etc.

Having Moon in this house means I can relate to the Empress quite well. Freedom, courage, openness go hand in hand with independence, self-reliance and sensual expressiveness.

Moon in Scorpio (an aspect) means having strong emotions are going to be a big part of who I am. Other Moon qualities include a well-developed intuition, keeping secrets, being loyal.

I also have Mars in Scorpio in the 1st House.

The 1st House is going to bring those qualities of Mars up front in my personality. Direct, competitive, strong passions, etc.

Having Mars in Scorpio (again, an aspect) I tend to be tenacious, intense, and extreme.
(Let's face it friends, the planets think I'm a hardass!)

All this points out the characteristics of the planets and their relations to one other the moment I was born. I can't deny that many of these qualites are true, or have been true during the course of my life. My life is mine, though, and learning about my sharp edges began my effort to smooth things as I went along.

We're not locked by fate, nor astrology.


PS This edit some hours later. Forgot to tell you my ascendant is Scorpio. A lot of the rest of my chart is pretty well lumped into Leo in the 10th House. Go figure.

isthmus nekoi
20-11-2002, 10:23

Thanks for starting this up! I was about to suggest adjourning the group and picking up again with Sag but this is cool too :)

Going back to Minderwiz's analogy of the planet being the actor, the sign being the role and the house being the type of production, we can start to look at how different people act in Scorpio or the 8th.
So let's see, Keslynn: Uranus in Scorpio/11th. Uranus here is the electrifying planet, loads of energy, sudden changes, flashes of lightening. Mercury to the nth degree. Place this restless planet in Scorpio and you've got this unpredictable energy wearing the garb of Scorpio: secrecy, intensity, hidden depths... the sting of this Scorpion is positively electric ^_~ 11th is traditionally associated with hopes/wishes/groups so this might indicate ah... major changes in groups, very intense and unusual dreams? A passion for social change for the better? Uranus rules 11th so I'm guessing this is a good place for the planet.... OK, I don't know what I'm talking about now :P

Wow, all those planets in 8th, you probably have a stellium (series of conjunctions - an aspect where the planets are very close together) there indicating a concentration of energy in 8th house matters which have been covered extensively.
Joywalker> Venus in 8th, Venus I believe rules relationships and beauty. How this would play out in the 8th.... since 8th deals w/resources, maybe it means you'll marry rich :P Just kidding, um... consolidating emotional needs esp love through 8th house issues; sex, resources... um... being vague b/c I don't really know Venus!
Alright, as for my 8th, I've got Saturn conj Jupiter (w/an orb of 0 degrees!) in the sign of Libra. Powerful influence on my life, which I didn't really understand when I was younger, but got a feel for it the more experienced I became w/working w/the uncon (an 8th house area=psychoanalysis). I've also got Pluto there so he's in the house he rules. I've read this gives Pluto some punch, but since he's an "impersonal" planet I'm not sure how much influence I should interpret here. Certainly, the desire to 'dig' into the uncon, to clear out, is apparent (very Tower/Judgment-esque no? Tower=Mars, Judgment=Pluto), Tower/Judgment being cards that frequent my throws very often.... Also, I've read Pluto transits are powerful yet subtle, but they seem pretty darn obvious to me.

Scorpio rules my 10th. I think (cusp means the one that starts off the house, not ends it off?? This going in a counter clockwise direction? Waaaaaaah someone pls help :))..... I've got Uranus there conj my MC so it's an important house for me. I often consider creating erotic art/porn esp for women (Scorpio=sex, hidden issues - what's more hidden or subversive than female sexuality in our society these days?) so there we go. Uran rules electricity, and computers/digital technology and are must for me on the career scene (10th). Instant attaction (Scorpio) b/w me and digital technology (Uranus).

As for Mars, he's conjuncting my ASC which is actually pretty subtle until you get to know me well. In fact, I prefer to yield over instigating conflict! Not very Mars-like. However, if something's important to me (ie self preservation), then I will be aggressive, relentless, whatever it takes (maybe that's when Pluto squaring ASC kicks in!). I'm *especially* determined when it comes to dealing w/the uncon (8th house again!)
Mars also affects me when I apply myself academically, which is a major part of how I relate myself to others (1st??). I've always taken risks (Mars) w/my ideas, and always push my papers as far as I can go, try to put my stamp (1st) on my work. I'm not competitive (Mars) w/marks, but for some reason I seem to attract competitive marks-driven ppl which can be annoying! Granted, I did chose to attend a competitive school... Oh, and I also like to lead (Mars) groups if no one else steps in (like this one ^_~).
Another thing to note: I was extremely arrogant and somewhat violent in my early teens which is another possible expression of Mars/1st/ASC. I don't think Pluto squaring the ASC helped either - I was quite the contemptuous one! :P Trying to gain more perspective, and certainly learning more etc has made me turn this energy towards more useful means. So, I totally agree w/Fuzzmello in that astrology never "locks" a person. I still have the same Mars/Pluto/ASC aspects, I can still be openly aggressive and what not, but I now behave *very* differently than I did when I was younger.

Royal Cat
20-11-2002, 12:44
I've been reading all the other Scorpio posts and just trying to soak it all up and make some sense out of my own chart. Thanks to everyone who's been asking and answering all the great questions!!

I have Scorpio as my Sun sign in the 4th house and also have Scorpio in Mercury in the 4th house.
In my 8th house all I have is Aquarius.

I don't know what any of that means though!! Any help would be appreciated. :)


20-11-2002, 15:27
I have Venus and Neptune in Scorpio; 3rd house. Venus is not to well aspected.
The Venus Scorpio combination brings troubles and loss with relationships. This is something that many can lay claim to but to go as far as a death of a partner? I've been there(scorp. relates to death).The Mars/Venus aspect also adds to the difficulty with relationships.
The occult Scorp is combined with Neptune (a mediumistic planet)in the 3rd house(studies), Hmm...no wonder.
I have found a coincidental pattern with Scorpio females. (Venus, female) I can't trust them. Somewhere along the way these Scorps sting me with no justification. (except those born on the 31st)

isthmus nekoi
21-11-2002, 10:26
Royal Cat> 4th rules your origins, home and instinct. Sun and Merc in Scorpio means your mode of self expression is in both a water sign (Scorp) and house (4th). This points to emotionally intensity that is expressed, unless your chart is dominated by another element, or if there are hard aspects to these planets. Remember that the sun isn't necessarily the most powerful planet in a person's chart.
Because there are no planets in your 8th house, it is not a significant area in your life. This doesn't mean that you're exempted from 8th house issues, only that the planet's energies are concentrated elsewhere in your chart.

lunlafey> Well third house is the house of communication (ruled by Gemini/Mercury) so I'd expect that you can be verbal about your interest in the occult (Scorp), and expressive w/your emotions and fantasies (Venus/Scorp, Nep). However, since Scorpio rules secrets, you may tend to keep these things hidden; relationships, interests until you open up - then you're intense. I'm just putting keywords together here, correct me if I'm wrong. It's hard to tell w/o knowing your other planets! Since you said Venus wasn't well aspected, I'm assuming that her aspect to Mars is either a square or an opposition. Whichever sign Mars is in will shed more light on how he interacts w/the goddess of love.

Caveat: It is extremely difficult for me to interpret w/o looking at all the planets - w/o this knowledge, I can only be pretty vague about things. Also, I'm hardly an expert in astrology. I only started reading up on it extensively when I began this study group at the beginning of Scorpio!!

Royal Cat
22-11-2002, 00:53
Originally posted by isthmus nekoi
Because there are no planets in your 8th house, it is not a significant area in your life. This doesn't mean that you're exempted from 8th house issues, only that the planet's energies are concentrated elsewhere in your chart.

Thank you isthmus! I appreciate your help. I still have soooo much to learn!! :)


22-11-2002, 02:43
Can I just add support to Isthmus' caveat. It really helps if people who are seeking some clarification of their chart or some interpretation add their time/date/place details (send them by PM if you don't want to make them public).

Otherwise it is easy for us to miss something and give you duff gen. I certainly like to look at the pattern of the horoscope as well as the individual placements - these also provide information to the reader and without details that allow us to look at the full chart any comments are at best general or vague.

It also allows us to learn from the reading too. The process becomes two way, we can help you but in doing so we add to our own knowledge and experience.

Lunalafey - No position of Venus in the third, (Scorpio or not) will indicate death of a partner or any other death. Venus in Scorpio is probably going to give you an intensity or possibly secrecy to your relationships and and this intensity is likely to show through your communications, and possibly relationships with brothers and sisters (also third house) or an intense love of cars (also a third House item). If Venus is squared or opposed by other planets then you may have to work at getting things right a bit more than if things came naturally or you might tend to become obssessed with third house matters - an obsessive love of cars for example.

I have Venus in Scorpio but in the fourth, it adds an intense love of home and family and a desire to keep family life 'secret' from the world.

Neptune might well add a dose of otherworldliness to your communications, etc or if badly aspected it might (and I mean might) give you a tendency to communicate better when you are drunk or high!

It is always but always dangerous to make deductions based on part of a chart and always but always dangerous to assume that tendencies or possiblities must show up in behaviour or experience. Someone might have a tendency to communicate better when they are stoned but if they never take a drop then this tendency will never show in their life.

22-11-2002, 02:57
ok, in scorpio i have, venus and mercury in my first house, and neptune nearby in my twelfth, all i believe conjunct.

in my eighth house i have the moon conjunct mars in cancer. lovely huh? heh heh heh

22-11-2002, 03:34
Assuming that you have a Scorpio Ascendant - Venus and Mercury will give you an intense self centred mind and self love. I don't mean this in any deprecating way - Self love leads to self confidence, self assuredness and an honesty in the way that you deal with others. Your self assuredness will come over as charm and grace and with a love of the finer things in life. You may also feel a need to give and receive pleasure. In Scorpio this will be intensified but remember that Venus is a 'soft' planet, she never does harm except by over indulgence or laziness (like Jupiter). Venus is Scorpio is rarely lazy! Mercury gives you an intellectual approach to life in the first and Scorpio will add an intensity to this.

The conjunction with Neptune will depend on whether Neptune is also in Scorpio, if it is then it might either add a sense of something greater than yourself, to your self love and incisive mind - especially as its in the twelfth. You will be aware of the mystical side of life and this will always be present in the way in which you project yourself to the world. Actually this is a good set of positions for anyone.

If Neptune is badly aspected elsewhere then you might possibly be subject to self deception or allow your day dreams to get the better of you.

The Moon rules Cancer, again assuming your eighth cusp is in Cancer then the Moon rules the eighth. You may be subject to moods, especially in terms of partnerships assets, or more likely the occult side of life. This might be that at some periods (probably Moon phases) you are more in tune with the universe than others. You may also find your sex life strongly linked to the Moon's phases. You like to keep this side of your life hidden in your shell. Both the eighth and Cancer are not areas where you go and advertise things. During those phases of the Moon when things are not running that well you may be a little more aggressive - probably indirectly rather than charging head on.

Again this is divorced from the rest of the chart but the point really is that eighth and Scorpio are not 'bad' We all have them and they can enrich our lives. Always look for the positive and don't give way to the 'fear' side of Scorpio.

22-11-2002, 04:47
I simply have Chiron in Scorpio (11th House) but also the North Node in Scorpio. No other sign of Scorpio anywhere. The chart says:

Cardinal 2 ......... Fire 5
Fixed 2 ...........Earth 2
Mutable 6 ......... Air 2
...........................Water 1 My Scorpio?

My partner is totally Scorpio however. I am Saggitarius with Capricorn rising and we complement each other well.

I can see how hard it is to read bits of a chart. I think having Chiron in Scorpio means that I'm fairly intense (too true) and at times a little defensive (can be true). Have not idea really what this all means in toto

How did the 8th House come into this particular thread? The only things in my 8th are Saturn and Pluto retrograde.

Moongold creeps out with her little bit of Scorpio hanging out of her pocket

Minderwiz.......yes, the Choice Centred Astrology is by Gail Fairfield. It is quite good but requires some attentiveness and application.

22-11-2002, 08:04
I'm not a great user of Chiron - most astrologers seem to take it as an indicator of the 'wounds we have to heal' - in your case this would relate to friendships and associations and you would need to do it in an intense way. Dale O'Brien, one of the pioneers of using Chiron in the natal chart has indicated that this is too narrow a view - he sees Chiron as a symbol of our collective past and the innate wholeness that we embodied at that time. Modern people are unaware of that past and he thinks Chiron now indicates a part of the average person that feels odd and inadequate and at first, even wrong and inferior. From this I would view Chiron as what you need to learn to come to terms with yourself as a member of humanity - it shows the area that you should concentrate on to achieve this, the area where you do not, consciously or unconsciously feel right.

The North Node has to be considered with the South Node - in your case this is in the opposite sign of Scorpio. The nodes relate to the spirit and soul lessons we learn over our lives. The south Node sheds light on our past, it shows the type of experience our soul wants us to have over our lifetime in order to spiritually develop - it is the gift of our past lives. The danger of this is that we get stuck in the past. The North node shows what additional learning we have to do to progress it beckons us forward, its about taking stock of the past, honouring it, working with it, building on it and learning how to use it in a new way.

In your case you bring the gifts of stability, creativity and grounded behaviour, you can grow from a solid foundation - you now need to clear some of this Taurus energy so that the growth can take place - You will do this in Scorpio by looking inwards - descending into your own underworld and the use the energy of Pluto and Scorpio to test everything you believe in to see if it is still relevant - sweep away that which is not and nurture that which is.

Both of these together suggest that your spiritual path lies in your friendships and associations and the way in which you use these and give to these.

The eighth House is regarded as being naturally ruled by the eighth sign - Scorpio. It is important though to remember that Signs and Houses are not the same thing. They may have similar colours and flavours but that doesn't make them identical. The signs are the roles the Planets play, the Houses are the locations or scenary against which the roles are played.

isthmus nekoi
22-11-2002, 08:25
Thanks for stepping in here, Minderwiz!! I was really feeling out of my element, desperately graping my Arroyo book for help :P

I've only one thing to add re Moongold's chart: if you have only one planet in Scorpio, that makes it a singleton. Just b/c you have one water planet doesn't mean you necessarily have no feelings, trouble w/emotions or anything like that (pointing this out b/c I've read this before). In fact, the singleton will channel all the water energy through the one planet. So whichever planet it is, it will be very important.

I also have one planet in water (Scorpio), but a lot of water houses (12th being the only cadent house so again another 'singleton'). I am extremely high in air and then fire so I'm very analytical and *very* unsentimental. Most of my friends tend to be high in air, low in water as well. But this doesn't mean we're totally cerebral and repress our feelings! :P

22-11-2002, 10:43
Mars is square Venus in my chart...Mars is in Aqu. and right on the cusp of the 6th house(another pattern...I can't have relationships with Aqu. men...to dull)

Where I live I don't have to keep my occult interests a secret, (one of the things I love about my mountain community, the highway is cleaned up by a Pagan group and the state even puts a sign up to let everyone know!!) yet I don't advertise either. BUT...I do keep quiet overall.
I am 'passionate' about ideas an such but I keep them to myself mostly because it 'too much' for the general population
Now as far as the Death claim in my chart. I have two sources (one being the A to Z horoscope maker and delineator, by Llewellen George) that give Venus/Scorp combo a death mark. There are also two other aspects in my chart that reinforce this. I HAVE experienced the death of a partner (in 1998) and it happened BEFORE any knowlege of it in my chart, and before any knowlege of astrology at all. As isthmus used key words, here is the same, Scorpio is the sign related to death and Venus is about relations. I'm not trying to discredit anyone, only sharing my chart and the experiences that coincide. The secrecy factor is quite true. I had two abusive relationships, one was REALLY bad, that was kept a secret for a long time.
(and cars....when I was quite young, my mom thought I would grow up to race cars....but no, today I just love to drive them, give me a free stretch of highway, or a 4x4 and a winding dirt road....WEEEEEEE!!!!)

22-11-2002, 14:33

wow, this is much more than i could ever have seen myself. thank you.

yes i do have a scorpio ascendent.. and yes, self love has been a major issue in my life. the peculiar thing is that the reason it's been an issue, is because i have been seriously lacking in self- esteem. this is quite contrary to what my chart seems to be suggesting.

my neptune is in scorpio, and my life very much revolves around the mystical and spiritual.

moody me? heh heh heh.

and there are some things i am not going to comment on. :|

22-11-2002, 18:16
Thanks, Minderwiz and Isthmus for your feedback. It demonstrates that astrology is a very rich source of insight and affirmation. You've also shown some real wisdom and sensitivity.

I have a very positive view of Chiron, seeing this planet as representing strong ideals and a deep capacity for integration on a spiritual and physical level. With some poignancy, I acknowledge the myth of Chiron the Wounded Healer. It seems as though Chiron will soon progress into my 12th House, Minderwiz. I think that will be a positive thing.

I am struck by the synergies between my current Tarot spiritual journey and the insights from the chart but what you said, Minderwiz, rings true. Astrology is a very old art and I'm curious to know more about how the various meanings involved.

However, that is learning for another day. Thanks heaps for your time and interpretations.


23-11-2002, 00:42
Thanks Zorya and Moongold.

Looking at the details of Zroya's chart (thanks for sending me your details) - Mercury is Conjunct Neptune but Venus is just out of orb. Neptune is also the planet of self deception and illusion - not thinking straight in other words. You need to come to terms with the fact that you deserve your own love and respect - 'deserve' , not 'need to earn' - Self love does allow you to give more to others, strange as it may seem.

You also have a strong opposition between Saturn in Capricorn (the sign of its dignity) and the Moon in Cancer (also the sign of its dignity). This is a third to ninth axis involving communication and the mind on the one hand and the need to expand and grow on the other. The Moon/Saturn opposition involves defensive feelings, controlled responses, a need for structure and permanence. There is a realisation, usually during childhood that you have to be emotionally self sufficient, and in some cases (and I mean some) that love can only be earned by exhibiting the required behaviour - in other words you are loved not because of who you are but because of what you do. That can (and I mean can) lead to a loss of self worth. I have a similar opposition in my chart though neither planet is dignified and the first and sixth are involved.

Liz Green links it to experiences where either both parents work or the mother works and the child comes 'second' behind business (even if this is out of necessity) - in my case both my parents had to work (although on the premises) as a child I was often left to my own devices. In my case the premises were attached to a shop but Liz Greene points especially to farming communities.

Basically you need to feel safe (Saturn) enough to begin to discover what you really do feel (Moon).

isthmus nekoi
23-11-2002, 01:43
lunalafey> thanks for the feedback!

moongold> glad you're getting a lot out of this :)

If any of these Scorp planets conjuncts your ASC (ascendant angle) then the planet's energies will colour your personality and how ppl perceive you.
Venus conj Merc in 1st means that communication and getting along is a big part of your persona which makes for an excellent moderator (esp w/sun Libra)!! Scorpio colours Ven/Merc w/a secretive and private nature though. If Neptune is conj your ASC, then you may have a tendancy to come off as 'out there'. w/Neptune conj Merc, ppl might find the way you think and speak unusual, imaginative, dreamy... on the down side, also out of touch. Neptune's in the house he rules though so this might give him some punch. If Pisces is activated in your chart, it should be important; see what house it rules.

Mars conj moon isn't easy. Moon's dignified in cancer, but Mars doesn't feel comfy at all in this placement. Mars rules 8th however, so I'm getting tension b/w Moon/Cancer and Mars/Scorp. Emotional intensity, very driven and perhaps a tendancy to fall back on instinctual emotional patterns. Saturn (stucture, limitation) may also need a lot of conscious work here to break out of inhibiting ways of thinking. Actually, the self esteem thing isn't necessarily contradictory. If Saturn is opposing your 8th Moon, then Saturn should be in 2nd which deals w/your own self worth. Traditionally, Saturn will 'restrict' whoever comes into contact w/him, or where he is.

isthmus nekoi
23-11-2002, 01:55
Minderwiz> Which house system are you using?... Perhaps for the sake of simplicity, we should all stick to the same system.

Also, I've got a major newbie q! When a sign is on the "cusp" of the house, are we moving counterclockwise, or clockwise?

23-11-2002, 02:27
I tend to use Placidus Houses unless there is a good reason why not to (such as a birth in or near the Artic Circle) in which case I will use equal Houses.

The Cusps occur in an anti-clockwise direction - from the Ascendant. Thus, using equal houses, if the Ascendant is 10 degrees Scorpio, the second House cusp wil be 10 degrees Sagittarius and so on.

I don't think its a good idea to all use the same system particularly - astrologers tend to fall into using a system because it works for them - its like saying that we should all use the same order of layout and interpretations for a Celtic Cross. Whilst it has an appeal, if you have two teachers trying to use systems they don't use themselves they tend to foul up - Try using someone elses' Tarot layout instead of your own and you'll see that it take a lot of time to get used to - the instinct doesn't run properly.

I think it is best though to say which House system we are using so that others can make any adjustment that they want to make.

isthmus nekoi
23-11-2002, 04:34
oh that's a good point. I wouldn't want to force anyone into using a house system they're not going to be comfortable working w/.

23-11-2002, 10:33
after reading your last post for me, my jaw hit the floor.


if i had an ounce of doubt, about the authenticity or accuracy of astrology. i don't any longer.

i have one question...i am a little confused. my mercury is 4 degrees away from neptune and is conjunct, but my venus is only 5 degrees from mercury and you've said it is just out of orb. i thought more degrees were allowed? not that this doesn't fit me better....

i had attributed my self worth issues as stemming from emotionally distant parents who abused me as a child. this brings up a great many questions... i think i'm going to go have an existential crisis now.....

23-11-2002, 16:43
well, several hours later and i'm back from my existential crisis (at least for now)

isthmus nekoi,
you mean people really do think i'm flakey and out there? i always suspected they did, but hoped they just thought i was just eccentric, lol . i guess i'm hanging out in the right place then...

yes, yes, unusual, imaginative, dreamy. and unfortunately out of touch, could all be used to descibe me.

no pisces anywhere in my chart.

when discussing the mars conj. the moon et al (oppositions included).... yeah, you are right on.... aw shucks, this stuff is to close to the truth... back to my crisis.....

23-11-2002, 21:10

Mercury is conjunct Neptune and Venus is conjunct Mercury, but the distance from Venus to Neptune is over nine degrees and I usually take eight as the orb for a conjunction. Now there is a strong argument for saying that Mercury unifies the trio and thus extends the conjunction with Neptune to Venus. I might well have made use of that if I felt the need and as a fine detail factor but for the time being I wanted to concentrate on the stronger features - Its easier to handle a two planet conjunction than a three planet one (especially if they are technically out of orb).

I actually understated the Moon/Saturn opposition - because of the dignities I thought the chances were very strong that there were problems relating to love as a child - my own opposition is Leo-Aquarius and does reflect the business comes first issue - they needed to put the food on the table but were definitely loving. Your info confirmed my interpretation but you have my genuine sympathy.

Incidentally the dreaminess, otherworldliness is not Pisces its Neptune, which is also conjunct your Ascendant as well as having the conjunction with Mercury (and by extension) Venus. It certainly affects the way that you project yourself into the world - at base though you are strongly 'Cancer' half your planets are in Cardinal signs and also half are in Water signs. The Cardinal Water sign is Cancer and this is your underlying influence, despite the Libra Sun.

isthmus nekoi
24-11-2002, 02:57
zorya> as for the orbs, I generally allow 5 unless I think that the aspect has influenced me as I'm not sure how accurate my birthtime is. The astro.com natal charts allow for really wide orbs; you can reduce this by clicking on the extra chart link (can't remember the exact name of link). I reduce it to 75%.

w/Scorpio rising, I don't think you'd come off as flakey. Quite the opposite in fact! If you came off like you were in lalaland all the time, I'd expect a talkative sign like Gemini, or one of the flighty air signs. Again, Scorpio lends an element of the hidden to your ASC persona. A privateness, a secrecy.
Also, eccentrism is more of an Aquarius/Uranus thing. Neptune is more spiritually based, but yes, can sometimes be perceived as not-grounded, impractical etc.

24-11-2002, 03:38
Whilst there's no hard and fast rule for orbs - I tend to use 8 degrees for Conjunctions and oppositions, six degrees for squares, trines and sextiles, and 4 degrees for inconjuncts (150 degree angles) other minor aspects about 2 degrees, if I want to use them. some Astrologers will allow wider orbs for Sun and Moon compared to the rest.

I would also use much smaller orbs for Transits and Progressions - given the rate of travel of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto an eight degree orb could have you tied up for some years, especially if they go retrograde during the orb!

Treat aspects in wide orb as less powerful than narrow or partile and treat applying aspects as more powerful than separating aspects as a general rule, though you may encounter situations where you feel that the rules need to be bent.

isthmus nekoi
26-11-2002, 04:08
yes, w/orbs do what works for you. Generally, the closer the orb, the greater its influence.

26-11-2002, 15:36
i'm pretty curious about how scorpio works in my chart. my birthdate is 2/26/1962 at 9:36 am. if you need more, pm me. i have scorpio at my seventh house with moon and neptue in scorpio. i've generally interpreted this to mean that i am an intense and emotional in my relationships. with neptune there, i tend delude myself about some aspects of people in my personal relationships.

isthmus nekoi
27-11-2002, 01:48
truthsayer> you'll also need to provide your city of birth if you want ppl to look at your natal chart.

Moon in scorpio would be yes, very intense and secretive... perhaps even the ability to see deeply into others, although Neptune there might makes things a little murky. Also, Moon is opposite the sign it's exalted in (Taurus) so moon in Scorpio can be brooding and moody if it's poorly aspected. In 7th, this will relate to your dealings w/others on a one to one level, not necessarily personal relationships, but business ones as well.

Unless Neptune in Scorp has some serious aspect action, I wouldn't put too much weight on this placement unless you feel it's very applicable. Everyone born from about 1955/57-70 will have the same placement. I've read this as Neptune (drugs) and Scorpio (sex) which goes w/the whole hippy environment at the time... Again, the house where this takes place might put a more personal spin on things.

08-12-2002, 13:55
Jan 15 , 1963, I have neptune in scorpio in the 10 th house. And pluto , uranus , and the moon all in the 8 th house, in virgo.

I didn't realize your birthday is under the same chinese astrological year as mine , truthsayer , which by the way is the water tiger.

10-12-2002, 15:31
My moon aligned in Aquarius, ruled by retro Uranus conjunct my IC in Scorpio born in the 3 decante of Gemini on the cusp of Cancer.

If i put on red and black my entire projective self becomes a scorpio out of nowhere. When i get angry, it is a slow fuse but is shows, Scorpio is at the base of my charts, deep dark emotions and thoughts that no one else wants to focus on. If i was a solar scorpio, I would probably be a total psycho and not just half-way there.