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18-11-2002, 19:48
Hey, i'm not sure if this topic has been covered or not, i've checked through the past threads and not seen anything on it. I went to buy some crystals for a staff i am making and i have found this amazing "new" (from what i have been told its new atleast in this part of the world) crystal called Super 7, it can also been known as Melody Stone ( i think its named after a woman who has written some crystal books, if she is really famous, forgive me for being an idiot), Sacred Stone and Sacred Seven.

It's a combination of 7 minerals : Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Geothite, Lepidocrite,Clear Quartz, Rutile and Smokey Quartz. I bought a small piece and was given an information sheet, which contains an excerpt from Melodies book, which i thought i would share on here :). So here goes:

This amazing mineral comglomeration is appicable for every day use and signifies the many 7 phases of life including, the creation of the earth in 7 days, the 7 colours of the rainbow, the 7 major Chakras, the number of spirituality in numerology, the 7 major lines in palmistry and the bodies renewal and cell regeneration every 7 years. Here is the excerpt from the book:

"To date there is no defined or accepted mineralogical name for this combination of minerals. Tumbled Stones of Super 7contain all the energies of the total configuration, although each mineral is not exhibited seperately. Super 7 is known to exhibit an etheral auric light reminiscent of the holy light. It produceds electromagnetic vaves providing a self luminour quality and assists one in seeing auras and maintaining a connection between the physical and etheral planes.

Super 7 is analogous to the brightest star Sirius anc can assist one in all endeavors,promoting conscious awareness of attitudes, issues or knowledge that has remained hidden for centuries. It assists and/or provides for mental impressions showing spiritual/intellectual truths assisting in the advancement of ones position and progress in the "cosmic plane"

Super 7 brings forth information for both the individual and for the collective, assisting to understand and facilitate the changing of ones thinking in order to set in motion any positive changes that need to be made. It never needs cleansing or energizing. It has also been used to promote telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience,awarenes, channeling and telekinetic pursuits to further healing on all levels................."

So i was wonerding if anyone else has heard of or has this crystal. I have searched for more information online and haven't found anything apart from someone selling one on ebay. My piece looks like a cross between amethyst and rutilized quartz. The energy buzz you get from it is amazing. I have definately become a hugggeeee fan of this crystal. I really want to get a bracelet if i can, so if anyone knows of a place where i can get one i would appreciate the info. Again i have searched most online jewellery stores and have found nothing.

Om Shanti

28-11-2002, 13:57
WOW! that's quite the stone!

This is the first time Iv heard of it, but I think I will try to find our more about it.


23-12-2002, 23:46
Yes I have heard of the super 7 crystal, and I totally agree it is amazing. I have been searching for sometime to get ahold of some of these crystals. I did find some and just received 4 of them. The energy these stones give off is like no other crystal I've experienced. I haven't found any jewelry made with the super 7 crystal. In my search I have found that not alot of people have heard of the super 7. I'd love to have a piece of jewelry made with this crystal. Dakini

16-03-2003, 22:49
Super 7??? Anyone has the picture? I hope to get one too!

19-03-2003, 04:37
only found this...i'm very interested too...but nothing to find on the net about it...


19-03-2003, 12:13
It doesnt look nice to me. It looks like a jellybean -.-' Anyone knows where i can get one of that crystal?

19-03-2003, 19:55
Yes super seven is amazing...it is many powerful stone energies in combination...all complementary to each other...even a small piece does great work...it is a powerhouse...it has been available here in the US for about 6 or 7 yrs...I liked it allot...and eventually gave away the 3 pieces I had...when you've learned from your stones and jewelry you don't need them any more and often people in your life will appear who do and you can pass these stone teachers on...this one works fast and synergistically...so I was able to gift it to others very quickly...

EDIT*...thought I 'd add a little more...the first piece I came across was shown to me by a metaphysical shop owner/friend who often put things aside for different clients as she felt guided to by spirit...she had been to the Major Gem Show in the US in Tuson, AZ...and had heard all about this "new" super 7 stone...I'd just bought a book on numerology from her the week before and we had been discussing our #'s etc...I had 7's predominate and she remembered this when she saw a piece of jewelry...a pendant...made with stone set in silver...she didn't really have the connection to it but she thought I would...

when she got back to her shop she showed it to some other clients who expressed an interest in it over a 2 week period as she kept it on display in a glass case by the register...I was away on vacation and by the time I got in to say hello quite a few other people had seen and handled it...as no one else had shown more than an initial visual attraction she was interested in what my reaction might be...it was a simple setting and about 2 ''long...almost 1'' wide...shaped like a column with one flat end...at the top of the setting and a triangular pointed side at the bottom...

I loved the look immediately and even without holding it could feel it's energy and see it's radiance...holding it sent a current of electricity down my spine...making me stand straighter and it started working at a area there to desolve some pain I was experiencing and a blockage I had had no prior success moving or disolving...It also opened crown...heart...base and hand and feet chakras very noticibly...I bought it of course...

Melody had no published info on it at the time...it was still so new...so I called a friend/teacher who had done some of my training in crystals and stones...she had been a student of Melody's a few times and had a Crystal Healing School on the East Coast...she told me more about it...but since it was so new to the healing community we all just needed to experiment with it...another friend and I got together soon afterward and we both felt it greatly enhance/expand/extend...our healing ability...she trying Reiki while wearing it and me using Johrei...we also used other healing methods and it improved upon all of them...

She wanted some of these stones to use but we had no success finding any until about 6 mths later at a NYC gem show I attended...I bought a tumbled piece and a small natural point...which were just beginning to come out of the mines ...there were differences in all of these energies but of course similiarities making it's energetic signature recognizable as super 7...I gave one stone to my daughter...the tumbled one...and the point to my friend...

a few yrs later after my friend moved away to California and began her battle with breast and then bone cancer I had a dream of using the pendant for her healing...I sent it to her as a gift...and during much of her struggle to overcome this disease she would tell me how very comforting it was...when she was too weak and depleted to do Reiki or use any self healing techniques and could not tolerate the energy of any of her stones...this pendant was something she could always wear...it balanced and stabilized her energy...she has it still and I know when the time comes she will know how and to whom she will pass it on...

19-03-2003, 22:42
Here is a great site for gemstones and crystals of all kinds. I bought my super seven crystals from them. They are located in the USA.http://www.mooncavecrystals.com/eyecandy/eyecandy.htm Scroll down to the middle of the page for the super seven crystals. Bright Blessings Dakini

19-03-2003, 22:54
Eeek! In Singapore, i never heard of these crystals. Anyone can sell me Super 7?

16-10-2005, 11:33
You might also want to try ebay. There has been a couple of that website, I'm even bidding on one!

16-04-2008, 11:22
thought id bump this thread to see if there were any new fans of this stone! id love to hear about your experiences!

16-04-2008, 13:55
Here's an excellent photograph of a huge one that lets you see the stone very clearly.


16-04-2008, 20:23
gosh that is pretty!!!

I could just be hypnotised by looking at it... got all goose pimples now too.

Stunning. Thank you for sharing :D

16-04-2008, 21:52
wow Grizabella, that's a knock-out. What a hypnotizing interplay.
I had never heard of this stone.

16-04-2008, 22:34
I have one, mine's more blue/green though.

Very pretty, but a bit too powerful for my own use. So I have it sitting in my rock bowl being the midochondria of my stone collection. : 3

I'll see how much it's going for around here, might be able to send people some small (nickle sized) pieces.