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19-11-2002, 01:40
On Tuesday/Wednesday of this week (depending on latitutde) the Full Moon occurs at 27 degrees 33 minutes Taurus. This time the Moon is within twelve degrees of its North Node and so the full moon will qualify as an eclipse. Technically this is an Appulse or Penumbra eclipse which is weaker than the more familiar Partial or Total eclipses.

In an Appulse eclipse the Moon only enters the penumbra of the earth (the grey part surrounding Earth's umbra or shadow) However all eclipses are powerful times, especially with the Sun still in Scorpio and Venus, the Ruler of Taurus reaching its Station direct, in Scorpio and at the same time.

This is a time to re-evaluate relationships and with the eclipse squared by Uranus in its own sigh of Aquarius there will be a tension pushing for moving on to new things and breaking with the old.

Those of you with planets between about 22 degrees and 34 degrees of any sign should check to see if either Moon or Uranus make any aspects to those planets - if they do then the house in which those planets are situated could become a focus of your life for some time to come.

19-11-2002, 02:56
OK minderwiz,
I had to go look at my chart. I found that Uranus is listed as 22'35" in Leo - my rising sign.
But I have no idea what that means in terms of the eclipse???? Can you fill me in please? :)

19-11-2002, 07:02
Without your full chart I can only be rather vague - so post me your details - date, time and place of birth.

It appears that the Moon will be in a separating square to your natal Uranus at the time of the eclipse - the orb is a little wide to have a great effect (it would be more intense if the square was applying). You also have a separating opposition from transiting Uranus,

Nevertheless, you are likely to be feeling the need to do something new and exciting, you are impatient with things as they are and at a fairly deep level likely to be emotionally restless - people who make demands on you will not be all that welcome, even if you feel you must respond.

I'm not sure whether your Uranus is in the first or twelfth House - in the first, you might begin to openly display this restlessness - in the twelfth you may tend to keep it hidden from view.

The Uranus opposition which occured earlier this year but is now beginning to fade is quite an important event - rather like your Saturn return, it is a symbol of maturity and the onset of middle age. This is the time of you life when you begin to question what you have done and achieved and start asking 'is it worth it?'
If you feel the answer is no then you will start to look for something different and begin to act in new and unpredictable ways. If this was the case then just as you were beginning to get over this the eclipse will give it a final and significant twist.

If you are content with where you are in life then the response will be much more low key - you might have a few second thoughts or something may happen to make you review the situation - though I would not expect it to change your mind.

19-11-2002, 16:41
So in reading my horoscopes for the month, I was told (I'm a Leo) that the eclipse will affect my career because it's in house 10 of my solar chart. I just looked at my natal chart and this eclipse will happen in my 5th house of that chart. So does one outweigh the other? How is this eclipse supposed to affect my career and/or lovelife?

I'm a little confused with all this, in case you can't tell.

:) Kes

19-11-2002, 22:54
Popular horoscopes in newspapers and magazines are not based on your natal chart - as you recognise. To do this would require thousands or possibly millions of variations to cope with each individual reader and the need for the publishers to store everyone's birth details - the mind boggles just thinking about it.

Instead they take one of two routes. The first is to take the time of Sunrise and base the first house on that - today that would be 26 degrees 48 minutes of Scorpio where I live. Alternatively and easier is to take 0 degrees of the sign that the Sun is in - 0 degrees Scorpio for today.

This clearly works for Scorpios - using the latter method, their first house would be treated as the whole of Scorpio. For those born under other signs, the horoscope is simply turned the necessary number of signs. So as a Leo your daily horoscope will take the first House as beginning at 0 degrees Leo.

All other Houses are derived from this - so the second begins at 0 degrees Virgo, third at 0 degrees Libra, This results in the tenth House starting at 0 degrees Taurus. Therefore for the newspaper astrologer the eclipse takes place in the tenth House for all Leos.

Clearly this is based on the very limited data available - people were born under Leo so Leo is their first House.

Where you have your natal chart available that will always take precedence - In your case the fifth House is where the eclipse takes place and if the Moon makes an aspect to any other planet the House where they are situated will be affected and also the House that they rule will be affected. The eclipse therefore may affect more than one area of your life.

If the eclipse does not aspect any planet in your natal chart then its effects are debatable. Some Astrologer will give it no effect at all because the natal chart is unaaspected. Others will give it transitory affect - Moon passing through your fifth House and others will give it more affect because eclipses are relatively powerful. I tend to operate on the basis that if the natal chart is unapsected then any effects will be at a low or unconscious level at best.

20-11-2002, 00:28
that's for sure. i've been feeling the pull of the this full moon for the past week. i'm already starting to doubt my actions of sending a letter to a man to tell him what i want in a relationship and he's not giving it to me. but i know that i have to do this. AG saw this happening in a chart she did for me and i know my soulmate is out there, i just want i to be this man.

i've been accepted to massage therapy school!!!! that's another change and i'm ready to let go of the p/t job. it's getting in the way of me enjoying my life. and getting ready for the holiday's is important to me. just need to take care of some business in relation to my car, some damage from a renovation project that the company is liable for and don't want to take care of cuz the cost. trying to get another estimate.

i'm cancer with cancer in moon, sun and north node! 6/22/1963 at 7:43 am daylight savings time. so the moon has significant influence on me and my life. especially my emotions. if you can sniff out anything AG didn't get too w/her chart another interpretation would be appreciated. it's got something to do w/uranus and venus if i'm not mistaken.

Goddess, just give me courage to keep to my ground w/John L and keep the honesty flowing. So be it.

blessed be and let's dance with the moon,

20-11-2002, 01:28
I'll have a look at your chart - but I need to know where you were born as well as time date and year. So please post the location.

My wife has Cancer rising and she is always but always affected by the full Moon - even to the point of thinking of buying blackout curtains to keep the moonlight out !

20-11-2002, 02:28
I've read in a few sources that the effects of an eclipse can be experienced either a month before or after the actual eclipse date? If this is so, I totally felt something big happening exactly a month ago. If it wasn't a "pre-eclipse" effect then I don't know what it was! (but it was something)

20-11-2002, 02:32
born in milford, ct usa (thanks :) )

i think this eclipse too was starting to do magic on my life cause things started changing the beginning of october and halloween with meeting men who would be perfect if i were completely free of this man in my life. that's when i also started doing so soul work in trying to heal past wounds and let them go. so my soulmate can find me. i believe he's out there just need to stop looking.

so that's why i've been going through so much emotional turmoil (good) but painful.


20-11-2002, 08:16
Thanks Purplegoddess, I'll take a look and get back to you.

In terms of the length of the effect - and whether the effect can come before the eclipse, I have seen a number of theories. Some say that an eclipse will last until the next one of the same type comes along (though with waning power). Its also argued that the people most affected are those with Cancer prominant in their charts.

I have read that Transits may begin to have an effect some time before they become exact and indeed I use this in my interpretations. Normally the period when the Moon comes into orb is only a matter of hours but I have read that lunations and eclipses may have an effect up to five days before they become exact - I would doubt the month duration - something else is at work as well.

Eclipses bring things to a head or maturity so they may well make explicit somethig that has been bubbling up for some time.

20-11-2002, 15:51
if i've got this right, then i have jupiter in the 2nd house opposing the moon . uranus (24 degrees leo) in my 10th opposing chiron in my 4th.

i am starting my own business (internet tarot and shamanistic journeys,) soon. so the 10th and the 2nd houses being focuses make great sense. what about chiron in my 4th. does this mean that my family will be a focus, or that family will oppose my business concerns?

21-11-2002, 14:14
Well, Venus went direct today, the eclipse in taurus (my rising sign) occurred overnight and what happened? I have had such a surge of creativity... its back!! I'm back! (Venus was retro in my 10th house). I can't stop drawing, making art and I received such kudos for my talent today... from a HUGE agency!!!! And...

...my ex called me just "to talk". Our break-up coincided with Venus going backwards (he wanted to get back with an ex, didn't work out.. .as I suspected!). But it was just to talk... Saturn is still retro in my 5th until February. I'm proceeding SLOWLY and keeping the wants/needs of both sides in clear mind. Seriously. So Capricorn seriously... with that dry wit in tow.

What have I learned? Retrogrades bring forth the past or some sort of anti-modern/progressive process (as with Mercury retro... I ALWAYS experience computer headaches!) And when Saturn retroes, oy vey! Restriction and lessons in that house are doubled and patience is tried. Caps are known for their patience, but (in my case) it must be an apparent outward patience... I want to go forward now!! Must be another lesson... time to graduate!

Eclipses bring for me clarity, things magically come to a head, to light. I woke up with such a sense of direction today that it was unreal!

23-11-2002, 06:01
Hi Minderwiz,

I'd appreciate your help. I have a program called Astrowin which tells me that I have Uranus trine Mars in the 10th House at the moment. The 10th House is the vocational area and I'm in a new job at present so this is quite important to me. Does this mean that Mars will be having a special influence on me in the vocational area at present?

I had a forecast some some months ago on www.astro.com which suggested I'd have some challenging times at work in the next month or so. As this is quite a significant job for me and I am a change agent, some insight would be useful.

Am I reading the chart correctly? My birth details incidentally are 19 December 1947 6.00am Melbourne Australia. The book I have is very general and simply suggests that I will be pursuing professional interests and desires at this time,

Many thanks. I understand these analyses take considerable time but I am interested in your comments on the effect of the eclipse in the near future.


23-11-2002, 07:27
Hi Moongold,

I've just entered your details into my AstrolDelux Report Writer - a much upgraded and expanded version of what you have.

Currently you have Mars Transiting your tenth House (which contains Neptune and is ruled by Mercury). Yes Transiting Uranus is trine to transiting Mars but neither aspect your Natal Neptune or your natal Mercury - so apart from possibly feeling a little more assure of yourself in business I don't think that your tenth will be particularly affected.

However the eclipse was virtually inconjunct your Sun and Uranus was sextile your Sun at that time - Your Sun is trine Saturn and in Opposition to Uranus in your natal chart and these energy flows are likely to be affected by the eclipse. Your natal Uranus is in your sixth House, which among other things rules the daily grind of work - your role as an employee. At the time of the eclipse transiting Saturn was in your sixth House had just transited natal Uranus by conjunction, and opposed your natal Sun. As it has turned retrograde it is coming back for another go (and will turn again and retransit these planets.).

I would therefore think that its not career, so much as the daily nature of the job that is getting a working over, and possibly your health as well. Your Sun is in your twelfth House, so it may affect your ability to 'commune with the universe' it may make you restless (through Uranus) and give you a desire to act on sudden impulse of suddenly change - most likely at work. You are probably prone to do this anyway from Natal Uranus, your health may also be subject to sudden changes (and I mean 'may') - most likely issues relating to the throat or mouth. Are you by any chance prone to illness in this area?

As you probably gathered from the above the eclipse will affect you where it touches planets in your natal chart. I've only scratched the surface here but before I go on it might be worth getting your feelings on the matter.

23-11-2002, 11:22
Thanks Minderwiz,

My understanding of the 6th House is that it relates to physical and emotional health and the relationship between them as well as task organization and accomplishment at home and at work, problem solving and practical self care.

I've always had a preference for immediate action but contain it most of the time. In this new position I've been consciously reflective which has been difficult in the face of the pressures and the insistent demand to get things done. One of the joys of getting older is that one develops insight and can choose how to be in this world. I have always found housework a real drudge though, and that has never changed LOL.

For more than 30 years I've had a neurological illness which is well contained but sometimes experience fatigue from that. I also have another health problem called RLS which is restless legs and I laughed out loud when I saw your observation about Uranus and restlessness. Sometimes, Minderwiz, I literally cannot sit still! No other health issues though.

I was born with Uranus in the 6th House and the Sun in the 12th House and I guess the issues attributed to this position astrologically apply through life. I laugh to remember how I've struggled at times with some of them but know those parts of myself reasonably well now and manage it all not too badly. The value of insight! Non-conformity is also one of the gifts of my birth, but that becomes part of life's experience and has brought rewards as well as struggle. Life long cycles of depression, however, but that is also manageable. It is as though one needs the dark to appreciate the light.

The eclipse was just recently? I thought it was about to come. I've struggled with very much with energy levels just lately and would like to know a little more about the effect of the eclipse. You said that the effects are about to return? If you could tell me more, I'd appreciate it.

I am struck once more at the synergies between Tarot and astrology. I am a Wands person, with a mostly fire signs, and that correlates to restlessness and the tendency to action. I prefer to use that phrase than the term impulsiveness LOL.

It's been almost five months since I discovered Tarot and my experience of astrology is much less still. However, it is fascinating. I had quite a bad car accident at the beginning of April and much later looked at the astrological cautions for that day in this little program. One of them was a gentle warning that an accident might occur. It was uncanny. Another uncanny parallel is that as a person with the Sun in the 12th House, I've worked in mental health, the area of addiction and am soon to have something to do with the women in prison. This was all without, until recently, any knowledge of the House characteristics.

Thanks for your time and generosity, Minderwiz.


23-11-2002, 21:33
Thanks for the feedback and again its given me food for thought, so I'll have another ponder over your chart.

Your description of the sixth is fairly accurate - however in health terms General health is ruled by the first, the sixth shows where you are likely to suffer ill health - by planet and sign. My guess at the throat was actually an error, Gemini is on the cusp of the sixth and I should have gone for Nervous problems, or shoulders down the arm to the fingers. Nervous problems being the most likely. I went for Mercury's rulership of the mouth and talking and forgot that Taurus rules the throat.

You are absolutely right to point out that as we grow older we know our strengths and weaknesses and learn to live with them. Astrology, like Tarot is not fated. We can overcome our weaknesses (or at least minimise them) and build on our strengths.

24-11-2002, 05:02
Hi Minderwiz,

By neurological I mean a physical disease of the central nervous system. RLS is also a neurological (physical) thing as well. Clearly I've a vulnerability there. Both have been diagnesed with various clinical tests over long periods of time

In terms of health, I can't see any connection between my health concerns and what is in the chart, at least not using the books I've got available. Uranus is connected with nervous problems and Uranus is very clearly in my 6th House. Perhaps it is simply a matter of interpretation? In this case the word nervous could relate to the physical central nervous system. If this is the case, then there is a very clear link.

A lot of people use the term nervous to mean psychological or emotional but that meaning in this day and age is probably a little outdated.


24-11-2002, 05:38
Hi Moongold

Gemini rules the nervous system - that is the physical nervous system, not 'nerves' in a psychological sense. So it would apply to your health problems as you describe them (I think - but I am not a doctor so I need to be very careful here).

All that the sixth house ruler (in terms of sign) does is indicate vulnerablility, not that you will contract a problem. However, again from your comments I would take it that Gemini on the sixth matches your physical vulnerability. Uranus here would suggest sudden attacks (of the physical problem) accidents, and nervous problems, again compounding the Gemini influence. This would be for probably the duration of the transit of the sixth but especially during its

Now if the eclipse had any affect in this area, through its aspect to Uranus, it would do so as perhaps a temporary worsening of the problem, or intensification of the problem. Given the Saturn transit in your case this would be at its worst (in so far as it shows up at all) when Saturn is transiting Uranus and opposing your Sun (General Health)

I can't (and indeed won't) try to be any more precise because I'm not a doctor and I don't want to hazard guesses about things I know little of. All I can say is that your problems do seem to have an astrological link to your chart.

24-11-2002, 06:34
Thanks, Minderwiz,

That connection is all I am looking for as it again validates the art ( I won't say science) of astrology. I used to be quite a sceptic.

My health is actually not too bad. I have friends with hay fever who are actually more significantly affected by their particular issue.

I was interested in the actual effect of astrological events such as eclipses and transits, thinking that they may result in a decrease or increase, whatever, in energy but that obviously is not what is meant by the term energy.

It seems to mean that the presence of the planets or the actual event have an influence on a person who may alrady have vulnerabilities or talents in a particular area or house .

That probably sounds like an obvious lesson but for those who don't yet know the language it's significant LOL.

Which brings up the whole question of predictive astrology we won't go there today! I have Christine Shaw's Predictive Astrology out from the library but it presupposes a huge anount of basic knowledge.

Best wishes,


24-11-2002, 07:16

Yes, you've about summed it up. The natal chart shows what one Astrologer called the natal promise. Transits, progressions and eclipses will not bring something that is not promised in the chart - they may activate aspects (in both sense of the word) of your personality in a more positive, or more negative way. No amount of favourable transits by Jupiter will make you an outgoing and happy go lucky person if this is not what you are already (and shown in your chart).

No amount of transits or eclipses will bring hapiness to your marriage - though they may enable you to achieve happiness by working on your strengths or dealing with your weaknesses, or indeed re-evaluating what you mean by happiness into a more realistic concept. And of course no amount of transits and eclipses will doom your marriage to failure.

Your natal promise suggests that you are better able to deal with things if you work with some planetary energies and learn to control others - transits, progressions and eclipses indicate periods when the energy (and I can't think of an alternative word) flows in a way in which you are either obstructed or aided in what you seek to achieve - providing that you make the effort. Sometimes things flow better than others.

This might seem like a statement of the obvious but of course its possible to predict Astronomical (and hence Astrological) events and thus be ready for action - or avoid doing somethig till a better time.