View Full Version : I see a face in my tiger eye crystal.

20-01-2008, 20:12
what does this mean? anybody know? its a woman, a earthy women.

ugh and it keep seeing a very scary alien looking thing now. :( it keeps changing. whats odd is that at first i saw an earthly woman on it. (Think empress ) and i looked up the meaning of tiger eye (i had no idea before was just drawn to it at the store) and found out that this is used for grounding and is a very earthy crystal. but no i keep seeing faces that are giving me the eeeps!!! :(

20-01-2008, 20:16
It cld be 2 possibilities.....1) a woman entering ur life that will be significant or a warning about a woman. 2) u may be seeing an image 4m ur past life

21-01-2008, 00:20
hmmm, I don't think that it is unusual for some to find faces or pictures in a crystal, no matter what type of crystal it may be.

I love tiger's eye and it loves me, usually attract a lot of tiger's eye and it was actually the very first stone I remember paying attention to as a small child, just had to know what it was...

For my own self, I don't think that anything you see in a crystal would be frightening. Sorry your's is giving you the epps.

21-01-2008, 00:27
If you can experience past lives and see your previous self in a mirror with a candle [of which you can], is it possible your newfound crystal is trying to show you it's history? I'm almost positive it's seem more lifetimes than any of us ;) Be open to whatever it shows and dispel all fears. Perhaps it's only trying to communicate. And remember, it's just a tool :heart:

21-01-2008, 00:28
but why then what i saw in the crystal was frigtening? i didn't watch any scary movies or anything scary before, i keep seeing a grey alien with scary eyes :(.

21-01-2008, 00:55
You have to remember that fear comes from within. Nothing on this earth [short of a man with a ski mask running after us lol] can bring about fear. There is a difference between a clear sense of danger and fear. If you can remove the fear and try to communicate with it, but still find yourself uneasy then the stone was not meant to be with you.

In which case, I would highly recommend giving it away. AJ and I over the past several weeks have cleared our shelves of tarot decks and divination tools. And I have to say..actually this reminds me to make another post.

Getting back to the original point, if the stone disturbs you perhaps you are nothing more than the postal service? Create a contest here on AT and willingly give it back to the cosmos ;)