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25-01-2008, 06:10
Hi all,

(if this is an inappropriate post, Mods, then please delete it. Thank you.).

Today I received a package from an AT angel (*waving at Horace*), full of tumbled crystals! :party:

I've been going through some personal things and bought some crystals for protection, and the package included some that I wanted to get but couldn't afford at the time. It even had some crystals I'd not heard of!

My package included multiple, small to medium-sized crystals (at least THREE) of each of the following:

--golden rutilated quartz (respiratory illnesses, weak/sad heart, cell regeneration)
--green aventurine ( 4th chakra; luck/money)
--tiger eye (mental healing, protection, luck)
--sodalite (5th chakra, inner peace, endurance, healing, protection)
--ametrine[a combination of amethyst and citrine -- considered VERY RARE] (depression, tranquility protection, power. Some also says it combines the powers of both amethyst and citrine)
--red jasper (1st chakra, speaking in confidence, emotional stress, protection against things not good for you)
--new jade (4th chakra, love, money, protection against accidents)
--morganite (4th chakra, Divine love, prosperity and abundance in love, stress)
--rhodonite (raises self-worth, wards off negativity, balance)
--chrysoprase (4th chakra, protection against negativity, protection on sea voyages, speeds healing of wounds)
--snowflake obsidian (sacral hara chakra, inner self, scrying, balance, detoxification, muscle cramps, protection)
--amazonite (5th chakra, kindness, practicality, balances emotions)
--orange carnelian (2nd chakra, protects against bad vibrations, gives energy, helps the insecure find strength)
--smoky quartz (cleanses and clears negative energy, endurance, enhances organizational skills)
--red garnet (1st chakra, purity, truth, love and compassion, business success, protection on trips)
--quartz w/ inclusions (one has green, mossy inclusions; one has orange inclusions; the others just have whitish and blackish inclusions -- they are NOT rutilated quartz)

there are three stones that I am not sure of what they are: two are grayish (and one has a sheen similar to tiger eye -- does gray tiger eye exist?) and one is black with silver patch on the side (lined in red). It may be a rainbow obsidian.

Anywho, I just wanted to share my blessing! I am so grateful to have met Horace here on AT. (((HORACE)))


25-01-2008, 06:19
Yay! I agree with you, Afrosaxon, Horace is an angel. I also was blessed by this beautiful soul a few months ago. What a lovely gift you've received! I know you are going to love discovering it. I in turn have been able to bless others with some of her gift - and every time, it felt like she was spreading the joy around further :)

I thought of her again this morning: I picked up a morganite that was on my bedside table - what a lovely stone that is! - because I'v been feeling a bit tense and under the weather recently. It gave instant reassurance...a stone teddy bear :D

morticia monroe
25-01-2008, 08:19
I'm so happy for you! It sounds like you got some really beautiful stones and AT seems to have some truly kind and generous souls among it's ranks.
Best wishes to you while you sort things out. :)

BTW, The Blue/gray tiger eye (also known as Hawk's Eye or Falcon's Eye) is said to give the ability to see the complete truth and forgive without the crippling effect of emotion. This is considered the height of Spirituality and Consciousness.

25-01-2008, 08:31
Wow! how nice! Another lil' mousie amongst us! way to go Horace! You are an angel! I hope you enjoy your gift, afrosaxon!

25-01-2008, 08:37
I think the grey looking tiger eye could be cat's eye, a form of beryl - very beautiful stone, a stone that helps in the resolution of conflicts, seeing both sides of a question and attaining wisdom through overcoming such obstacles. A stone attributed to the planet Mars (because of its role in conflict resolution).

25-01-2008, 09:09
Wow Afrosaxon! How very kind of horace to bless you with such a lovely collection!!! Enjoy them!! Wonderful energy that was sent to you and given to Horace! :love:

Little Hare
25-01-2008, 10:21
So wonderful, blessed and beautiful! it really is great to hear about things like this on AT!



25-01-2008, 10:37
OK, I started to read this thread and got so squirmy and uncomfortable, I ducked off line.

But now I'm back and I want to say thanks for all your good words. :) See, I received my first ever word-only oracle deck from afrosaxon. I can't thank her enough! I am a very verbal person and she somehow chose the very deck that suits me. I love words and I love rocks. How could I not share?
:) Hh

25-01-2008, 10:47
oh how nice, horace! afrosaxon, you too, are an angel! :angel: It sounds like you are really enjoying your oracle too, horace. very nice!

it's so wonderful to read of people's generosity here. so many wonderful, giving people among us! :)

morticia monroe
25-01-2008, 10:49
Aww, that's great, Horace. It's too bad that sometimes people forget that when we all follow the "do unto others" commandment, we ALL get what's meant for us. If people would show one another those small kindnesses every day, blessings would flow abundantly.
Hats off to both of you.