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25-01-2008, 22:44
i just did a bunch of composite charts on astro.com with people i had relationships,the crazier and the more aspects i got the longer the relationship i had with that person, is their a link? For example with my dad i had nothing but conjuctions, saturn conjuct my sun, moon, venus , mercury its insane. then my brother i had the same thing and less with my mom since she passed away. is there a link? with my dad we have nothing but conjuctions!!! its like we are the same person!!!!!!

26-01-2008, 00:42
Of course there is a link! That's what relationships are all about, that is what relationship and composite charts are all about.

Someone's Saturn conjunct your Sun often points to the other person being a teacher, mentor or one who plays a cautionary role in your life. That's not as bad as someone's Saturn conjunct or opposite your Venus -- then they are seen as being a really disappointing constraint of some kind.

Having a relationship with someone based on astrological conjunctions doesn't make you both into the same person. It does show that each of you uses the other to play certain roles, to bring a specific form of energy or expression into the relationship. Conjunctions blend planetary symbolism. Oppositions challenge the other planet's expression. Squares fight and aggravate, provide a tension that requires conscious and willful effort to harness their different expressions. Trines make it easy by alternating between one symbol-expression and the other. Dave

01-02-2008, 05:59
the composite chart shows the energy/character/dynamics of the relationship as an entitiy in its own right - rather than the interaction per se of 2 people - having said that you will find similar themes running through the composite and the synastry charts

i'm not surprised you found lots of saturn aspects between family members, saturn is the long term planet - it binds and is the grandmother teacher of the planets - one of the strongest teachers in our lifes is our parents and siblings