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Sea Sprite
23-11-2002, 19:45
Anybody here ever make gem elixirs? I'd like to learn to make my own gem elixirs. I wonder if I could put a crystal in say ice tea instead of just plain spring water to make elixirs? :)

27-11-2002, 05:05
One method of making a gem elixir is simply to place a stone in a glass or mug and pour spring water over it. Let it steep as if you were making a cup of tea, for a couple of minutes or so, then remove the stone and drink the water.

Another way is to put the stone in a glass container filled with spring water and leave it in the sunlight and/or moonlight to charge for a while. This makes a more potent elixir, so you don't want to drink a whole big glass of it all at once. Generally, the longer you leave the stone in the water, the more powerful the elixir, and the less you'll take of it.

Elixirs are either drunk or used to bathe a part of the body you want to heal or otherwise affect in some way.

For starters, you can try citrine for an extra kick of vitality. Clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst are all safe and work well, too.

BIG caution: Make sure the stone you intend to use for an elixir is safe. Be especially careful about this if the elixir is for internal use. There is a thread on this forum with some stones you should not use for drinking elixirs. If you have Melody's book, she will tell you if a stone is safe for elixirs. If a stone is unsafe, she has a method where you put the stone into a small jar, close the lid tightly, and place it into a larger container, which you then fill with water to make the elixir.

Left out, an elixir will last around three days or so, then lose some power. Refrigerated, it will last a couple weeks. I have heard there is a taboo about freezing elixirs.

That's pretty much what I know.

-- Kyrielle

27-11-2002, 06:55
Also keep in mind that some gems, like Calcite might dissolve, or be damaged by water. There is a thead in this forum about what NOT to do with Gems.