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02-02-2008, 19:44

Have a question for those who are adept at horary.

What is your take on casting horary charts in Tropical vs Sidereal?

Have you found that one is more accurate than the other? I only know Astrologers who use Sidereal charts for horary, but I wanted to ask if there are Astrologers out there who use Tropical and have found them to be just as/not as accurate.

I appreciate any feedback, thanks


03-02-2008, 00:34
Traditionally charts are cast using the tropical zodiac and Regiomontanus cusps, follo wing the practice of great horary Astrologers such as William Lilly.

Actually by Lilly's time Placidus' house system was in existence but the necessary tables were not widely available, otherwise Lilly may well have used Placidus instead.

In terms of sidereal versus tropical, the main difference is likely to be a change of house rulers and this in turn may well produce a different answer to the question.

Personally I'd keep to the tradition here because the rules of horary were developed by Astrologer using the tropical zodiac and it is never a good idea to mix systems.

03-02-2008, 02:28
Thank you much, I really appreciate the response!!!