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02-02-2008, 23:53
I've done "sentences" for all of my planets at this point. In some cases multiple ones. A couple of them, made from keywords I found online, were extremely illustrative of things that went on in my life, especially when I was a child.

I intend to do another set based on my husband's chart and a third set based on my daughter's mostly for the practice.

I'm about ready to start doing similar sentences based on the aspects in my chart, but I've got a question about orbs.

I've got this weird chart. Don't we all! <grin> I've got 7 planets within 32 degrees. In some cases I know I've got conjunctions. Mercury/Moon are only a degree or two apart. Ditto for Sun/Venus and Jupiter/Uranus. Mercury/Moon in Aries and Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus are exactly semi-sextile (30 degrees). Mercury (inconjunct) and Jupiter (trine) are also in exact aspect to Neptune in Virgo.

Between Venus and Jupiter is Saturn. It is 10 degrees from Venus and about 8 degrees from Jupiter. Is it conjunct the Sun/Venus and Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions? Or not?

There is a square between Saturn and Mars (in Aquarius) that is exact. And a square between the Sun/Venus to Pluto 3-4 degrees away from exact and separating. Does this count as a T-Square?

So I've got some questions that require someone who knows their stuff to answer, because these questions have been driving this self-taught student crazy for decades. Never had a class or a teacher, so I never had the opportunity to ask before.

03-02-2008, 00:14
Your chart isn't on file, so some subtle relationships can't be seen. The T-square needs to be examined in detail as Saturn close to a mid-point between Jupiter and Venus, while being square to Mars, with Venus square Pluto, is hard to assess without a chart's actual sign-degree positions.

Indeed, it may be more fruitful to look at these types of patterns as mid-point structures so as to gain clarity. Dave

03-02-2008, 00:25
Alternatively you could either post your natal details or pm them if you wish.

As Dave says it is sometimes difficult to picture a chart simply from a partial description. Much also depends on how you treat aspects. Some Astrologers simply concentrate on the degree of separation whilst others insist on a 'correct' sign relationship. Thus a planet at 29 degrees Libra and another at 1 degree Scorpio are seen as conjunct by some and not conjunct by others (because they are not in the same sign).

03-02-2008, 04:17
Starling, you do indeed have a STELLIUM of planets from Mercury to Uranus which includes three conjunctions and one singleton: Moon-Mercury, Sun-Venus, and Jupiter-Uranus, plus the singleton Saturn. Each of the conjunctions is quite positive, overall.
** Moon-Mercury blends thinking and feeling, tending to make you acutely aware of what others mean in terms of their words and actions.
** Sun-Venus tends to shape your personality with warmth, and lends itself to making friends easily, as well as helps out in any artistic endeavors.
** Jupiter-Uranus contributes to optimism, seeking to understand the world, and the ability to welcome and profit from change.

The only T-Square in your chart would be that from Saturn to the opposition between Mars and Vesta (an asteroid). That would suggest (by itself) some difficulty in understanding your early family life, the struggle to find work and have it bring benefits by your parents, and the coping that you (as a child) might have had to deal with. In adult life, this pattern would suggest that you have to, and willingly, throw yourself into your endeavors. At times, the effort made does not result in a reward of equal measure. Still, you try, and you do take satisfaction from your accomplishments.

I also note Chiron and Pluto bracketing your Ascendant while making a square to your stellium -- Pluto and Asc. to Sun-Venus, and Chiron to Moon-Mercury.
This would suggest to me a sort of "prove yourself" to others pattern. You might want to think about this relative to the Saturn-Mars-Vesta pattern.

The other significant pattern in the chart is the trine from Neptune to Jupiter and Uranus. This might translate into something like a mystical optimism or a trusting to luck, or the infatuation with new possibilities.

Just some thoughts. Dave

03-02-2008, 07:23
Thank you so much. You are by the way very much on point on some of the things you said involving Vesta.

I was aware of the Chiron placement, but not Vesta. I know I can figure that one out, but thank you for the head's up on that.

There is a T-Square, but not the Mars to Saturn to Pluto one that seemed way too out of orb to me. It really is out of orb.

Well back to making sentences.