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10-02-2008, 07:13
I have recently spent many many hours researching pricing online for crystals, geodes and the like. What I have to say may or may not surprise you, this is fine. But I thought I would share the experience in hopes that someone would save themselves a lot of money. This morning, like a volcano erupting, my research has come to it's conclusion after another 4 hours of research.

Target: Amethyst geode cathedral [fancy word for large pillar geode].

Websites compared: 5 pages of google searches, 5 pages of yahoo, msn, dogpile and about searching. Ebay, Amazon, and many sites in the UK.

Lessons learned: A fool and her money will soon be departed [or should be if you do not take the time to research your objective.]

Outcome: Not only did I find 3 different websites with amethyst geodes of the same size, all 3 of them had double the pricing of the previous. IE: if the #1 site had one for $1, the #2 site would have one for $2, and finally the 3rd site would have it listed for $4. Imagine this starting with $100 as a base price, or more.

I then decided to change the objective object to citrine or other crystals, for some comparison shopping. I focussed on a 50 carat piece of golden citrine. Which is about the size of your palm, in cylindrical form. I found websites with "chunks" of citrine for $30, $15, and $7.99 including ones that said "make me an offer". I was very surprised at the variance of a similar sized item of the same texture and quality. Without splitting hairs on the technicality of the find, these are general facts.
Research tidbit #2

Rock tumbling [which reminds me, Morticia where are the pictures of your rocks!?!? :heart:].

I live in a flat. I have no basement, no shed, and nowhere to run such a contraption that makes so much noise. I then decided to look into a different type of tumbler, because it made less noise and I could put it in the bathroom and close the door. I then found an item like this (http://geology.com/rock-tumbler/rock-tumblers.shtml). I track down one of the manufacturing websites of a common brand of this vibratory rock tumbler, and review the pdf instruction manual. Several places within the manual from the manufacturer it says "do not add liquid, rather a small amount of liquid polish may be added to the tumbler". Everywhere else advertising the vibratory method stated water and grit could be used like normal.

Finally, I decided that due to circumstance I would purchase my crystals at a set stock price and a set delivery fee. Luckily I found [thank you Ebay] what I was looking for at the price I wanted to pay, but it took me 4 hours this morning to do it lol.

morticia monroe
14-02-2008, 07:12
Hi Sonic! The rock tumbling is moving right along,,I had to wait two weeks for a replacement rubber seal for the barrel so it threw my time off...I ended up ordering a half dozen and an extra barrel to use strictly for polishing as was suggested. About another week...

I wanted to say that I also have ordered crystals and stones online and have had wonderful results. Most were from e-bay, and I purchased everything from small mineral specimens to large decorative stones and geodes. Being down here in the deep part of the bible belt, it's not easy to find places to buy metaphysical supplies and/or stones. So the internet has been a godsend.

I'm waiting on a raw emerald that I ordered last week, and also on a large stone that is about 6 inches across, the matrix is white and it's covered with deep red garnets and aquamarine. I needed to bring some color into the living room, and thought that some nice stones would be a good way to do it.

I'd love to see photos of your purchases when they come in. Here are a few of mine if you'd like to see them.

These are the three apophyllite stones I purchased. I paid about $17 each for them, and they are all about 6-7 inches across.




14-02-2008, 07:56
I have spent ages looking at sites as well and was trying to find a mine in Brazil that sold directly. I did not succeed.

I think your specimens are lovely Morticia. How very interesting. I too am awaiting your tumbled stones.

15-02-2008, 02:07
Hi everyone,

Apart from ebay, where did all of you purchase your crystals online?

I am looking for tumbled stones such as Gem silica, kunzite, larimar, okenite, petalite and sugilite

Many thanks!! :love:

15-02-2008, 14:27
Those are beautiful! I will get them in about a week they're coming from Africa. I purchased an alexandrite and an amethyst. We'll see!

Can't wait to see the tumbled rock results!