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11-02-2008, 16:17
I have several friends and business partners and/or coworkers that I know their birthdate, but dont know their places of birth. One tricky thing is that they could be born inside or outside of the US. It's hard for me to ask for their birth places. Some did, but they just told me the general place that they were born like Hawaii, Turkey, etc... not specific, even if they do, they dont exactly know their exact birth time.

So, is there anyway I can request an astrological reading that tell whether I am compatible to work with them or to be their friend ?



11-02-2008, 20:21
It depends on how many people are involved, but for one or two people it may well be easier to simply ask A Horary question. You do not need any natal details at all. The question would need some thought as to exactly what you want to know - friendship and business partnership are different things. You might also, from a business point of view, want to know if they are reliable or trustworthy. Obviously there is no reason why you cannot ask different questions about different people.

If there are a lot of people involved - say you intend to ask the question ten times or more, then the technique may become unreliable - it's as though the heavens lose interest in your constant questions.

That being said, even if you had the natal details of all your friends/acquaintences, attempting compatibility readings would be a long and labourious process even with only half a dozen people involved.

Astrology is far more than Natal Astrology and in turn that is not by any means always the best way of dealing with issues. For specific issues, such as can I trust this person?, or will this business relationship profit me? Horary is by far the best approach.

11-02-2008, 22:24
Or just dropping their natal planets into your chart will give you a portion of the answer you are seeking. You will need to modify or limit the planet-meanings accordingly: Use the planet's meaning and your house position.

** SUN; their sense of self, intent and manner of relating to your suggestions, directions or work practices.
** MOON; how you see their reactions to you and your work presence.
** MERCURY; the easiest conversational approach for them to take.
** VENUS; possible shared likes and approaches to mediating differences.
** MARS; where their reactions can be felt most intensely. A sensitive area.
** JUPITER; where they would most welcome your support for their work.
** SATURN; the areas of work and interaction which require care, study and commitment. Serious interaction may be required here.

This approach may be most easily accomplished and the most effective given the lack of information available to you. Dave

12-02-2008, 03:18
That might work, at least in part but if you don't have anything to go on other than date of birth, the position of the Moon becomes a real issue, because of its speed, and even Mercury or Venus might be a little out (and that could make a significant difference in some circumstances)

As a rough and ready approach it might be worth trying if you want to simply gain some impressions of compatibility. If the issue of the relationship becomes crucial to some action, such as agreeing to a deal or entering into a partnership, then horary is by far and away your best bet.