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isthmus nekoi
27-11-2002, 11:04
Hi, just in case you didn't know, I've changed the structure of the group somewhat. Check out the details here: http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?threadid=8487&perpage=10&pagenumber=3

Brief intro~
Basically, the signs and houses can be divided by 4s (elements) and 3s (qualities). The elements are fire, water, air, earth and the qualities are cardinal, fixed and mutable. The elements can be viewed as a basic type of energy, and the quality is its expression.

My fave way of conceptualizing the qualities is to compare them w/the season cycle. Cardinal is when the season is just beginning, fixed is when the season is at its peak and mutable is when it's changing into the next season.

Fire as an Element~
Fire energy is heated and active. It can be likened to the Wands suit of the tarot, and the Jungian function of Intuition. Fire is expressive and driven, and manifests in the assertion of oneself.

Fire Signs~
- Aries (Cardinal): Aries is the beginning of self expression and existence. Aries says, "I am." The cardinal quality makes this sign desire to spark beginnings and hence, Aries is associated w/action, self-assertion and confidence.
- Leo (Fixed): Unlike Aries, Leo isn't in so much of a rush. Sun rules Leo and is the center of the astrology system... Lions like to bask in their own radiance and pride. They enjoy where they are and like to share this w/others. Leo rules the heart, and despite having a focus on the self, Leo is a very warm personality
- Sagittarius (Mutable): After Leo, Sag is ready to move on. Sag wants to take this fiery drive beyond the self. Sag searches and seeks, being driven not to exist like Aries, but to a higher meaning.

Fire Houses~
I've read that the qualities of angular, succedent and cadent are analogous to cardinal, etc so someone pls correct me if I'm wrong here... Arroyo makes the following associations:
angular: action
succedent: security
cadent: learning

- 1st (angular): this house corresponds w/Aries, so it rules self expression and is marked by the ASC angle, so it's strongly related to how others see us. I think of it as the persona and ego house, if you want to go Jungian. Areas covered by the 1st include physical appearance and self projection.
- 5th (succedent): ruled by Leo, this house represents how we find security in our sense of self. In this case, it's what we identify with, whether it's through other ppl, romance, children, fun and games. This house also rules risk-taking... I don't think I really "get" this house. If anyone else has something to add, pls help!
- 9th (cadent): Sag's house. This is the place where Sag seeks, so 9th rules education, travel and religion. If I recall correctly, astrology falls under this house as well.