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27-11-2002, 19:49
do any of you know a good stone that helps you when you have cancer and chemotherapy, to guide you, give you energie ...
somewhere here i already read that smoky quartz is a good stone when you undergo chemotherapy, are there other stones that are good too???

i also have to say: it's a hard form of cancer and it's spread out in her whole body already, so it's not the beginning-that can count in the choise of a good stone...

in my info about stones: chrysokol and malachite but this is for in the beginning so...turquoise (i don't know the right spelling in english ;) ) also in my notes...is this a good one for cancer you think?! i have this info from internet so i don't know if it's good info...if you could help me out i would be very thankfull!!!

:)thank you very much in advance!

with love,

27-11-2002, 22:42
Smoky Quartz is supposed to help people undergoing chemo, and radiation therapy.