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28-11-2002, 13:52
When I purchase stones I often find that I am drawn to the rough, unpolished ones.

I am wondering if there is any significance to being attracted to these rough stones? Are the energies any different than the polished ones?

I have several pieces of rough moonstone,and a beautiful large peice of amethyst.

Iam just curious as to why I might be attracted to these rough stones. I think maybe they just feel more natural to me.


01-12-2002, 02:52
That may very well be it -- they feel more natural.

Tumbling or faceting or carving can bring out a lot of beauty in a stone, but some people believe the "trauma" a stone goes through when it is physically altered causes it to lose a lot of its energy.

I own some tumbled and some rough specimens, sometimes some of each in the same type of stone. To me, they all feel the same energy-wise -- they just look and feel different physically. I can see where some people might prefer one or the other, though.

Every person that handles a stone transfers a bit of energy to it. You could be sensitive to these extra energies and not like their presence. Or you could just like the aesthetic look and feel of natural stones versus tumbled ones.

Tumbled stones are safer for making elixirs -- never use an unpolished malachite in an elixir meant for consumption, for example. The tumbling process cleans and seals the stone, keeping toxic copper out of the elixir, in the case of malachite. Otherwise there isn't any difference that I can think of.

So generally, tumbled or rough, it's mainly a manner of personal preference.

-- Kyrielle

16-03-2003, 22:48
What is Tumbles,Polished,Unpolished and Rough Crystals mean? What is so different? Can anyone show me the picture? I prefer smooth and unshaped one..=X

23-01-2004, 19:03
I have been looking at crystals alot lately and I have come to the conclusion that for handling I prefer the polished ones. There is something very theraputic about touching a polished cystal.

I like the natural ones too but to me they don't feel as good. For coldsuns (if you are still intested):

polished: http://www.exquisitecrystals.com/581RQE-3.jpg

and natural: http://www.rockshops.net/lamp09.jpg