View Full Version : trip to U.S.A

28-02-2008, 11:49
hopeful of being in Seattle for the Unlimited American ydroplane racing hubby is an ex boat racing driver will also visit Las Vegas this to happen in July.
Any hopoe of meeting kind folk in either of these areas

morticia monroe
28-02-2008, 22:24
I lived in Seattle for a few years, it's a beautiful city, and I'm so glad to hear that you'll be getting a vacation.

Unfortunately you won't be anywhere near me so we can't meet up, but I wanted to say have a BLAST!! in Vegas! It's like Disneyland for grown-ups.

28-02-2008, 23:38
opaloz, check the Tarot Meetings section. There is an active group in or near Seattle. Though whether they discuss crystals, I don't know, sorry.


Edited to add: Just checked for you: