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morticia monroe
29-02-2008, 21:31
I just logged in and don't have access to the threads that only subscribers can see. It may be time for me to resubscribe, but I assumed that there would be notifincation of some sort that my suscription was about to expire. I went ahead and renewed anyway but of course still have no access as it usually takes a day or so, but I'm wondering if there could be another problem. It just seems odd to me that a subscription would run out without a chance to renew before service was discontinued.

29-02-2008, 22:44
Could it have gone to your junk filter? Have you written to Solandia?

29-02-2008, 23:20
I'd suggest going into the User CP and checking if your email address is correct and current. If so, you should have got an email a week or so ago. AOL emails have some issues with AT, so if your with AOL, it would be better to use another address for your AT profile. If your email is correct, not with AOL, and its not in your junk folder it would be quite strange. Maybe get in touch with Solandia and ask her.

29-02-2008, 23:26
I have been waiting for word too. I think mine is do for renewal but I haven't gotten anything as of yet... i think I joined and then a couple of weeks after I got a full subscription but I don't remember the exact date.

Is there a place we can go to see how much time we have left on our subscription?

BTW I didn't use an AOL address to sign up.


01-03-2008, 00:37
Solandia generally sends an email two weeks to a month ahead of time, but am guessing that the subscriptions themselves expire automatically. Also suggest that you drop her an email, if none of similia's suggestions cover the situation.

I know that ATF has had some problems being filtered as spam.

01-03-2008, 01:58
My subscription also expired, but I did receive an email letting me know. However, I had a very difficult time trying to renew online. For some reason, it would never go through properly. I finally had to break down and write a check and mail it to Solandia. I'd prefer to do it via the computer, but it just would not work.

Email Solandia, she'll be in touch with you and help you. She's wonderful that way! Good luck!

03-03-2008, 11:18
I send out reminders via PM or email about two weeks before a subscription is due to expire. Occasionally there's an oversight and someone misses out on a reminder or doesn't include their membername with their renewal payment though.

If you think there's a problem with your subscription, feel free to PM or email me and I'll sort it out. :)

~ Solandia