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01-03-2008, 06:46
I had a vision the other day that was really clear when I was waking up of a Lapis lazuli pendant. I knew where to find the pendant but I shouldnt have known it was in the shop as I hadnt seen it at all but i had been in there a year ago and couldnt get anything to resonate with me however hard i tried.
I decided to go there today and asked the guy who owns the shop. He said it was strange as the pendant was out back and it'd take him a while to go and find.so he asked me to help go through some boxes and i got covered in some dust from an old box no fun but worth it as the pendant was there. I waited and I now have the pendant in hand. I will take a pic and send it to the forum.
I dont know why this pendant called to me or what it wanted but just in wearing it. I am feeling quite "hyper" I havent felt that for a while.

pics not so good as its much darker and brighter than shown. with golden waves across it.


I would also like to know its uses what it does if anyone can help me out there please?



morticia monroe
01-03-2008, 07:06
Oh wow! That's really, really lovely!

01-03-2008, 07:25
Thank you Morticia.

I am just greatful I found it and luckily he allowed me to have it at a lower price so, I could just about afford it. Im in a dissagreement with a cart site ( money i sold an item and the money hasnt been received since b4 xmas.) not the persons fault as they are a trusted confidant. im hoping I can sort this out a.s.a.p as I really could do with the extra and its (deck money)

01-03-2008, 10:31
BEAUTIFUL - yes really something!

You are blessed

I hope your financial blocks are opened soon!
Lapis was used in Ancient Egypt as a sacred stone.. Im pretty sure its supposed to help attract money (at least open the paths for it to flow again)

Lapis Lazuli is sodalite-lazurite-rich rock with pyrite inclusions (pyrite is the gold bits).
IMHO Lapis Lazuli qualifies intuition, strengthens the mind, and promotes spiritual evolution. Lapis Lazuli Message: Raise your vibration; align yourself with your higher purpose.

01-03-2008, 10:32
It is a magnificent piece flicker ! Happy for you.

01-03-2008, 14:41
pure beauty! congratulations

01-03-2008, 17:15
I love the way the piece is strong and free and not embellished with a precious metal but stands on its own....I have not seen anything like it- Lucky lucky You !!!!!!

A website that I found interesting for discovering qualities of Lapiz Lazuli is http://www.shamballasoul.com/thegems.html

Then look under the alpha index.

01-03-2008, 17:37
Another tidbit I also read is that Lapis Lazuli resonates very strongly with people born under fire signs, particularly with Aries, which is why I got mine. I have noticed that when I wear it I have more energy, I stay more centered and balanced, and the fibromyalgia actually improves a good bit.

Lucky you on this find! I would kill to be able to have a Lapis like that one. It's a stunning piece and it obviously wanted you. Congratulations on finding each other! :)

01-03-2008, 19:17
I have noticed that when I wear it I have more energy, I stay more centered and balanced, and the fibromyalgia actually improves a good bit.

Thank you for sharing that I have lupus/fibromyalgia +++ and I had not thought about Lapis for that - but of course it makes perfect sense - pyrite - is fire = energy and blue is calming (all that inflamation)
thank you!


02-03-2008, 03:28
Thanks for the lovely replies and the link on lapis. I like the colour as a colour that is important to my family. I am still wearing this, i also slept with it under my pillow this piece and wore it in town I didnt feel as tired as I usually do. I have been sleeping a lot and not felt like I had any energy after a viral infection ive felt out of breath. When in an exercise class i felt embarassed.I have been sitting down more than exercising/dancing and watching the others work out.whereas I would like to join in more.

Cleansing crystals~
I realise I havent done this but feel whatever I am to learn shouldnt be cleaned of the crystal as, it called for a reason and I worry I wil remove this.

I use to be interested in Egypt and for my art exam years ago I drew king tut in turquoise and gold & was really proud of the piece.


I have been trying to open up more. A year has peassed since I have been seeing anything and my dreams have been just dreams nothing more.

other pieces available of lapis but carved into shapes. one I saw is a heart shaped one.
I wonder if this is of interest to anyone. I called back in the shop today and he has a few more pieces 2-3 free form lapis pendants I saw one and it is a star. I dont know the prices of the other lapis. The lapis is from Afganistan.

I can enquire further if anyone is interested.