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02-03-2008, 02:31
I'm seeking to define the aspects of the personality symbolised by the Sun sign and Chinese sign, respectively. By "Chinese sign" I here mean the sign determined by the Chinese year of birth, not the Chinese ascendant (travel companion) or secret sign.

My Sun sign is Leo, and though I have the spirit of a lion, I think, I do not have its - metaphorical - physique. I think my physique is rather symbolised by my Chinese sign, which is Horse (Gemini).

My preliminary definition, then, is that the Sun sign symbolises one's "spirit" (in the non-metaphysical sense), whereas the Chinese sign symbolises one's "body". I think this is a pretty rough outline, though, and am therefore seeking to refine it.

As a sub-quest, I'm seeking to define the relation between the Sun sign, the Moon sign, and a third sign, which I have not yet been able to name. I believe in a basically triune division of the personality: spiritual/intellectual (the mind), emotional (the heart), and sexual (the crotch). This is a basic shamanic division (corresponding to the three main chakras in Nepalese shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism) Following this division: if the Sun sign symbolises one's spiritual/intellectual character, and the Moon sign symbolises one's emotional character (as I think they do), what symbolises one's sexual character? More generally put: Is there a triad of which Sun and Moon are members, and if so, what's the third member? If it is the Earth, is there something like an "Earth sign"?

Ocean Bliss
13-04-2008, 19:33
Well I have a book that starts to merge Western and Chinese Astrology, it's a little brief but I'll give what I got from it a shot.

I think the two signs do compliment each other to a certain extent.

According to the book 'Mix and Match East and West Astrology' A Horse is one of the most alive, energetic and enthusiatic around. Horses are described as the life of the party.

Since you are a Leo I guess that would count as double since Leos are generally the courageous and bright people of the zodiac. I think these two signs simply emphasise each other.

I'm a Scorpio Ox and which I suppose makes me incredibly determined and I find it difficult to let things go.

Personally I don't necessarily agree that your Chinese sign has to be one that shows how you physically are. You might be strong and nimble like a hare but I can't really say I'm anything like an Ox. I'm too slim and have a hard time with heavy objects

13-04-2008, 21:23
You are considering two very different symbolic systems. One systems groups all born within a year's span of time, the other within a month's span of time. As we know, the astrological month's period in which we are born is not enough to define us all in a consistent manner. It is likely that a year's symbol is even more unlikely to be successful in painting a portrait of ourselves.

As for your "third" symbol, Venus and Mars as a pair has some worthiness in describing ones approach to sex, love, personal relationships, etc. Even with this pair of planets, it often requires us to look a other components to see a more complete picture. In the Planet Series posts found at the top listing in this astrology forum you will find discussion of Venus and Mars as a pair within a phase relationship -- this may or may not fit what you seek. Dave

Faolainn Storm
14-04-2008, 13:57
This is so weird! I was just randomly reading post when I came across yours. Started reading and foud we are both Leos and Horses. Well I just had to check your profile and yep, we're both born on the same day! :surprise: However, as I was born in Australia I guess I was born a few hours before you. Anyway as I understand astrology (and I'm not really a student of astrology, you must understand), your physical aspect is symbolised by your ascendent/rising sign. So the sun is your mind/ego, the moon your soul and your ascendent is your body. Would this work?

Faolainn Storm