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02-03-2008, 06:44
I got a Tibetan Black Quartz stone (Although small it was $3.00. Good deal?) and a Sardonyx stone. Does anyone know anything about these stones? Any resources available on them?

Thanks in advance.

02-03-2008, 19:10

try www.google.com

and just type in those words Tibetan Black Quartz

Tibetan "Black" Quartz
Tibetan "Black" Quartz is a powerful stone with purifying energies and the vibration of the "OM". It is called "Black" quartz because it often has black inclusions, although clear examples exist too. It can be used for balancing all chakras and meridians. It can also be used for very powerful energy grids and deep spiritual meditation. Tibetan "Black" Quartz is also excellent for dissolving energy blockages and purifying energies. This makes it superb for protection of the aura or an environment and will also purify the aura or environment. Tibetan "Black" Quartz is often used in the corners of a room for purifying energies and protecting the space from negative energies. Wearing or carrying this type of quartz will cleanse the aura and protect it from negative influences, as well as helping ground the wearer. Physically, Tibetan "Black" Quartz is used in crystal healing for powerful healing of any type, removal of toxins and other impurities, and moving illness energies out of the body.

Description: Sardonyx gemstones are part of chalcedony family. Sardonyx assists in bringing happiness to relationships and marriage. The gemstone emits good fortune and encourages self-control and provides courage.
Color: Blue, Blue Lace, Moss, Pink, Red, Snakeskin
Hardness: 6.5 - 7.0
Source: Worldwide
Sardonyx is the russian birthstone for the month of July.
The sardonyx gemstone is the traditional, arabic and polish birthstone for the month of August.
For the month of September, Sardonyx is the roman and polish birthstone.

take some time having a look around - and see which sites you agree with - let us know how you go!



03-03-2008, 14:50
Wow... The Tibetan Black Quartz was a good investment. See, I originally was set to go out and get 2 more Citrine, but I saw these black quartz bits and found a nicely cut one and it just said "Take me with you..." so I bought it for $3 (When most stones are 25-75). I also got 2 Moonstones, and the Sardonyx, and I am glad the Black Quartz was a good investment, because I was thinking of setting up a rather advanced grid soon.

I am also planning on creating crystal mixtures (Grinding them up into super small bits and mixing them and bottling them into tiny bottles for specified uses.) I plan to make my first one a water/shield mix/blend. But I might make a seperate topic to discuss it.

Thanks again.