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morticia monroe
02-03-2008, 07:59
It sure did seem to take long enough. But them again it was definitely a watched pot...I was chewing my nails!

All in all I'm super pleased with the results. Some I have identified (aventurine, unakite, peitersite, tiger eye, jasper, etc) and as you can see the broken and chipped quartz pieces I had tumbled nicely.

Time to begin batch #2!! :)

The first photo is a reminder of what they looked like in the rough.








Willow Huntermoon
02-03-2008, 08:02
Breathtakingly beautiful!

morticia monroe
02-03-2008, 09:59
Thank you, Willow :)

02-03-2008, 10:01
gorgeous I bought my nephew a tumbler for christmas.... I wanted one for me and my daughter but I thought better of it because she is young.... I'm going to order it... i had one as a child - LOVED it!!1

thanks for sharing MM!!!

02-03-2008, 10:03
Wow! Those came out great MM! I guess good things do come to those who wait! :D I especially like the striped and translucent ones.


02-03-2008, 10:03
WOW!!! Those are gorgeous! Awesome!

02-03-2008, 10:05
Wow Dana, they are beautiful :heart:

You should be pleased with your work!

02-03-2008, 11:05
Wow~ those are beautiful! :D

*note to self: get one of those toys* :P


02-03-2008, 11:20

02-03-2008, 11:38
Those look really nice! Wow! :Thumbs up

02-03-2008, 12:10
Thanks for the updates, this one reminds me of the razor clam shells we have here on the west coast. Where did you put the tumbler so it didn't drive you crazy?

02-03-2008, 12:17
MM~Those are gorgeous! I love the ones with the pink and yellow in them. You must be so proud! I would love to try this, but I know the tumbler would be so loud in our cellar and our heating/central air system just carries the sound throughout the whole house. Thanks for sharing the pictures. They really came out lovely!

morticia monroe
02-03-2008, 12:56
Where did you put the tumbler so it didn't drive you crazy?

Are you kidding? I raised four children. I perfected my system of deafness on demand ages ago. Kevin says it bothered him, though.. ;)

02-03-2008, 14:09
Thos are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Makes me want to go out and get one of those machines. Maybe I can drive these people as crazy as they make me. Oh well, can't afford one anyway. Nice job!!!!!!!!

02-03-2008, 14:35
Your stones are so cool! More personal than if you bought them that way. Now you have them to play with while you tumble the next batch! It will make the wait easier, hopefully this time. You could maybe get some simple metal findings ( like a cap type thing) from a craft or bead store that you could glue onto some of them to make pendants. Wow! Sounds like so much fun!

02-03-2008, 16:44

its sooo amazing - cause the inner energy is the same - but that outer glow - seems to amplify the crystal power..

just perfect

thank you for sharing


02-03-2008, 18:33
Wow, I'm so amazed that I had to look at all the pictures again at least 3 times :D They are simply wonderful :)

02-03-2008, 20:50
Morticia, those are beautiful!
I like the looks of that rectangular, grey rippled stone.
Very nice!

03-03-2008, 01:46
Breathtaking, especially photo #48. What is it, do you know? (I like stones with a lot of things going on ;) )

03-03-2008, 02:47
Where did you get the rocks?

morticia monroe
03-03-2008, 03:08
Aulruna, if I'm not mistaken, that stone is ocean jasper. I am no expert, I just look them up in my crystal encyclopedia and then pull it up on the net to be sure. Here is a piece I compared it to online.


If I am mistaken, I am always grateful for correction from anyone who knows for sure.

Franniee, I got my stones from (I think) an onlins store called the rockshed. You can get them really from any lapidary site.

Okay y'all, round 2 is starting it's tumbling process. When this one is finished, I'll be having a raffle for a bag of stones.

Thank you all so much for making this even more fun for me. :)

03-03-2008, 03:18
My dear MM, that is such a generous offer. I'm in when you're ready. Those will be special because of the love you've poured into them.

03-03-2008, 03:58
Perseverance brought success. I know you said in an earlier thread you had to replace a part of something. They are very beautiful keepsakes.
So very pristine looking. Thanks for sharing.

03-03-2008, 04:08
which tumbler did you buy? which do you recommend? I think i am going to have to start. :D

morticia monroe
03-03-2008, 04:45
Franniee, I don't know anything about them, really. Kevin bought it for me for Christmas, and he got it from Thumler's tumblers. It does cost a bit initially to set yourself up, and so if you're only doing it for a batch or two, you're probably far better off just purchasing stones from e-bay. But I loved doing them myself, and like I stated, I have a large bit of broken quartz that I need to tumble. Plus I'm always picking up stones. Darn near trip over my feet half the time because I'm watching the ground, looking for diamonds in the rough.

I'm sure that to save the shipping costs, any hobby shop will carry them. If you do buy one, let me know, and I'll send you some rough quartz chunks.

P.S. It was super fun!

Memries, thank you so much (hug). Your warmth always comes through in your posts.

morticia monroe
03-03-2008, 04:48
My dear MM, that is such a generous offer. I'm in when you're ready. Those will be special because of the love you've poured into them.

Thank you, nanab. I did love doing it. :)

03-03-2008, 05:59
well done Morticia1 looks really nice.I tried tumbling and took my kit back it leaked and I gave up. I was wondering what the stone is. I have a piece I keep by my bed. It always feels cool to the touch even in hot weather. I think its ocean jasper.

03-03-2008, 10:02
Are you kidding? I raised four children. I perfected my system of deafness on demand ages ago. Kevin says it bothered him, though.. ;)
ROFL!!! :D