View Full Version : sore throat and crystals?

03-03-2008, 20:01
HI all just woke up with swollen glands round my throat and pains under my ribs when I breathe, it even hurts in my lung behind my rib. Taken piriton last night thinking its a infection of some kind but hoping only 24/hour as I really want to go to my dance class tomorrow. only thing i have had different is limeflower/linden blossom tea. tired and didnt sleep but too boring to head back to bed and lay there. so I will end up making a 'mood board.'
any advice would be great.

thanks all

04-03-2008, 05:31
Don't have any crystal advice, but wanted to sympathize as I'm suffering the same symptoms. Some hot tea or soup is about the best I can recommend, though no doubt you are already doing *that*.

04-03-2008, 05:55
Aw, sorry you're in alot of pain. For your throat, try sodalite, lapis, aquamarine, angelite,turquoise or any blue stone. You could lay down with a stone on your throat, or tape it, or wear a short necklace. For your lungs, any green stone would be good, such as moss agate. calcite, aventurine, jade, malachite or fluorite. Lay or tape one on the sore part or wear a long necklace. You could drink green tea or red clover. If you smoke, try to ease up on it some if you can, as it will irritate and cause mucus to form, making it harder to breathe. If you go outside, wear a scarf around your neck. I hope you feel better, soon!

04-03-2008, 06:22
Oh I sympathise with you Furnacechant its really making my throat itch. I dont smoke " maybe out of my ears" but I feel like I have smoked a 100.
LeaRoseQuartz Lapis I have been wearing my pendant I got recently. but didnt think of it for that reason.im not finding its helping the pain but, time is a healer. Thank you, I am drinking manuka honey and normal tea I keep drinking so much of it. I havent heard of red clover but I am willing to try it.
First thing I did when the throat got sore was grab some coffee I thought I had an allergy...lol!:-)

04-03-2008, 07:04
Red clover tea, heals the cells in your body. I've heard that it heals cancer, also. You can buy it at health food stores or on the internet. I use the brand called Alvita. Green tea is full of anti-oxidents, which is better for you than black tea. I buy Arizona brand green tea in a large jug, ready to drink, at walmart. You can drink it cold or heat it up. It has honey in it, too.

04-03-2008, 09:01
Blue lace agate works wonders. Just place it on your throat for 30 mins at a time, and visualise the throat clearning completely, and yourself completely well.

04-03-2008, 09:45
Fudugazi thank you. I am going to get some rest I felt exhausted. thanks for the reply.

05-03-2008, 02:03
Im wearing my lapis at the moment. I have some blue lace agate which is a pendant I might swap it over. I keep telling myself I will be well enough to go to my exercise class tonight.
I feel it best for me to log off as I feel snappy and a little sorry for myself with it as the cold has really come out now.
I am going to log out and have some tea. Couldnt find red clover when I asked my mum to pick some up for me.I will know for future use and make sure I look for some and green tea when i get out again.