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09-03-2008, 00:58
I just stumbled across a nuumite pendant & HAD to buy it. I've never heard of it before, have googled it & got some basic metaphysical properties, but just wondered if anyone on here had any experiences with it?

09-03-2008, 19:47
Nuumite is listed in the A-Z crystal healing
but I cant just find that book just now - in the morning I will have another look for it..

it is an unoffical name for a metamorphic rock consisting primarily of two amphiboles - Anthophyllite and Gedrite and of course it is ANCIENT!

IMHO it serves to purify and 'sharpen' body, mind and spirit.
Aids in the movement of ideas, words, and more importantly karma...Nuumite allows or promotes Light and space for transformation
its like cause its so ancient - much more realistic perspective is achieved when working with the stone -it makes things happen.. it helps you make things happen. I dont own this stone but a good friend of mine let me borrow it some years back and - yes it helped me make things happen!

Do you have a pic of your NEW piece

I hope it brings you happiness

I would be VERY interested to see how it works for you


14-04-2008, 16:14
How lucky that you came across a pendant of nuumite. It is hard to come by. I had to send to Greenland I think it was for my little cube of it which was $10 plus shipping and that was a real bargain.

I haven't really psyched out what it does for me exactly though I do enjoy holding it and sleeping with it. It is said to be useful in shamanic work, which is why I went to the trouble to aquire it.

Good luck,

14-04-2008, 16:20
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14-04-2008, 16:25
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