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16-03-2008, 02:57
I have always been confused about this in Astrology and Numerology (if anyone can help). Do you use your birth name or adopted name?

Do you take into consideration middle name? Everything I read is confusing in these areas. Many times they refer to women and maiden names and married names, but nothing addresses men or adoption.

I was born with one name, by 4 I was adopted by my step-dad and took on his middle and last name. So my name changed drastically - do I use one or the other or both?

I know in Astologgy a lot of emphasis is on date, time, and place of birth, but isnt the name also related in this equation?

I know in Numerology it is all about the name and so still confuses me on which one to use.

Any thoughts on this?

16-03-2008, 03:40
I was adopted, so I know what you mean.

I use whichever name I feel is 'me'.
Which is my adopted name.

I have never used my original name, I don't feel like it is 'me'.

The same with the middle name. If you use it then put it into your calculations, if you don't... don't!

Your name, as you use it to identify yourself is you.
All other names are options along the way that never got taken up.

If you see what I mean.

Anyhow, that's what I think, other people might think different.

16-03-2008, 03:51
your name doesn't matter in astrology

16-03-2008, 06:09
Yes, name is irrelevant. All you need is date, time and place.

Now, Numerology is a different thing entirely. You can work at several levels. Your birth name determines your character number (some numerologists call this your key number or destiny number). It will not change, even if you change your name through adoption, marriage, or deed poll. The name that you prefer to be called, is also important and is called by some, the focus number. For most of us this simply involves dropping middle names, or using contractions of our given names - such as Dave for David.

To do a full numerological analysis requires a consideration of many factors but a core one is the name you were given at birth. You can modify the analysis by changing your name but you will never remove that first name completely.

16-03-2008, 08:05

No way is my destiny going to be decided by the name choice of someone who named me after a prostitute and then dumped me.

no chance.

I'll go with the name I have had all my life.

16-03-2008, 11:08

No way is my destiny going to be decided by the name choice of someone who named me after a prostitute and then dumped me.

no chance.

I'll go with the name I have had all my life.


i decided to call my kid zoe before she was born -name meaning full of life/alive
then i saw a magazine article for zoe and my surname - was a article about a prostitute - i changed it after that LOL only cos i was paranoid at the time
blame pregnancy hormones etc screwing up my brain


16-03-2008, 13:21
When Im doing a full name interpretation by Numerology - I calculate these names seperately - and make a note at the age in which the name was changed.

I use the name on the Birth Certificate firstly. Complete with middle and hyphenaded names if there are any.

If there has been a name change anywhere along the line, whether it be by adoption or marriage, I also calculate that full name.

I also calculate the name the person uses 'everyday' - so if they shorten their name or have a nick name, I calculate it too. (Usually these names are only used by certain people and associates) For example the Bank manager will use your real first name and not call you your nic name ... like Hi Pooky! :P

I was aslo adopted (x2), but have had several name changes, and name spelling changes (so the name sounds the same, but is spelt differently) over the years.

Your Birthdate Numerology does not change.
What is interesting is the amount of people though who either have the wrong birthdate on their certificates (my brother is one of them, and 2 tarot clients I know of) or they use a different 'birthdate' on their 'official' papers ...

I have asked people to have confirmed their date and time of birth from the hospital they were born in - and not the Birth Register because the Birth register relies on the parent/s filling out the form properly, and here is where most of the mistakes come from - a parent who was not present at the birth - especially older Birth certificates, as the father was usually the one the fill out the form :rolleyes: they sometimes have got the date wrong ..

Each of the complete name sets will reflect something vital about the time and person.

You can also use a couple of different systems
Pythagorean or Chaldean calculations.
Someone jusy posted a great link to a calculator which does all the calculations for you .... I'll see if I can find the thread (it was a couple of days ago) ... if you download the calculator it does both Pythagorean and Chaldean calculations - very handy!!
... and it also calculates your vowels and constanants seperately as well as your full total.

So, I would calculate each name on a seperate piece of paper -
Mark down the year or date of the name change.
Then analyize the numbers.

Look at the birthdate numbers seperately as well.

The Astrology is a different science - but you can compare the information you get from the analysis - and you may see some strong correlations - or you you may see you are 'missing' some numbers which might be beneficial.

Its the name number vibrations you can dabble with (change) - not the date of birth, as that is pretty well fixed :P

Hope that helps a bit too :P

Elven x