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16-03-2008, 15:02
I have my own at home. I so much enjoy it that I even take time to count how much I have, what can I do with them. Being a Wiccan, I LOVE nature. I so much into it... I would like to know what kind of herbs everyone likes to have at home (fresh), what do you do with them. That way, I'll know a little bit more about you (since it's my first thread!)

Tell me about your garden outdoor or indoor, tell me about it. How it smell, of much you like to take care about them ? how you think they make you feel ? Do you use them in more then just cooking ?

Tell me more... let me know you a little bit by your own garden.



16-03-2008, 19:37

I have grown an awesome herb garden over summer - her in Oz,
lots of varieites of mint spearmint rosemary dill thyme lemons pumpkins
Ok the last too are not herbs
but I dont DO anything with them they grow and I just love looking at them talking to them - just lovely :)


14-08-2008, 05:48
Wonderfull !

I'm really happy that nature made you smile . It's not given to everyone to enjoy just looking at nature growing. I find that very special.

My indoor and outdoor garden are beautifull too. Sometimes, I try to just listen, really listen. My boyfriend always laugh's at me because he find's that really weird lol, but it's fine, I enjoy listening to nature. Like right now, I can ear the storm coming... how beautifull that sound is. You can smell the rain coming, how refreshing that is... cleaning everything around, a regain of energy...

well... thank you for your reply !

17-08-2008, 14:41
well let's see, I have a very small house on a double lot... big yard, small house. So I have about 80 roses (yes, those are herbs!) 3 lemon trees in pots, one yuzu in a pot, oregano in 2 colors, feverfew, mint, wild carrot (angelica), echinacea, artemisia absinthium (wormwood), elecampane, anchusa, raspberries (yes, herbs), 4 elders (sambucus), 9 hawthorn, borrage, comfrey, pulmonaria, parsley, tons of lavendula, violets, calendula, autumn crocus (sativa).... mullein, balloon flower, trying to think what all....

mostly I just enjoy the blossoms and the fact that those things COULD be useful, if I needed them. I dried some mullein leaves last year, in case of colds and flu. It's so much easier to buy the herbs already processed and dosed from the local health food store, but I enjoy growing unusual things. I like knowing they are out in the yard if I need them, although if I needed them, I would probably need a whole lot more than what I have in the yard! But its enjoyable to see something new grow and flower. The anchusa and the comfrey are new additions this year. The anchusa is beautiful! The blue-est blue flowers that grew under the aspen tree, against the cedar fence and just LIT UP the shaded area, very unexpected to find a flower under there. I harvested a whole pillowcase full of lavender and filled bags of it, I put some in my yarn stash to keep moths out of my wool sock yarn. The husband even liked it so much he ASKED (:eek:) for a sachet of his own! So I made him one with cowboys on it and filled it full of lavender buds. The lavender and the wormwood are very useful, both are very fragrant, the wormwood also is pretty and fills in odd gaps in the rose garden.
I am like you, I sit outside when the sun goes down and just look at all the colors.... plan for next year.... enjoy the goldfinches that come to the birdbath, and the hummingbird moth, and the bats that come out at dusk... just enjoy all that tangle of flora mingled with fauna. heh, I don't grow things in rows, I grow things in a big heap! I like a wild tangle

18-08-2008, 00:29
I too am an earth~lover:) I love the outdoors! We have 4 acres of beautiful lush green and I could just sit and look and listen all day long. This year I didn't plant a lot of herbs because we re~did the lanscaping in both the front and the back of the house, we lost a 50 foot pine tree in a wind storm in January so we put up a deck platform and a gazeebo on top, that's where I love to sit and just soak in my surroundings. I grew all the plants and bulbs myself rather than buy them already grown, what a difference it made to do it that way, I'm much more protective over them! The only herbs I did this year were lavender, chamomile...my 2 all time faves, I love the smell of chamomile, I'm not a hot tea drinker but I love it in hot cider. I did buy a lot of marigold which I like to put in dead sea mudmasks, and of course basil because I put that in everything, and some parsley. I grew 2 maple trees to put along a dull spot on the property but it will take a couple of years before I put them in the ground, oh I planted a new lilac tree this year too.
A while back I was complaining that I didn't grow any sage, so when my son went to cape cod he found a little mystic shop and bought me a huge bundle of it, it's 2 feet long and thick, lol, better than any I ever grew.
The other day my mother was complaining about an X of hers with the now girlfriend, and they were saying how they didn't understand why anyone would want to just sit and look at trees like he does, I almost cried :laugh: to me there is nothing more beautiful.

18-08-2008, 01:59
I adore herb gardens since they are "working" plants and the lore is so rich and old. In other words, they just don't look and smell pretty--they have many uses for me after all the love and care I put into them--it is a loving working relationship.

My herb garden provides for culinary, medicinal and magical uses, with many interchangeable. To name those I can think of right now in my gardens (inside and outside) you will find patchouli, tea tree, betel plant, sage (two types), thyme, mandrake (both black and white), edelweiss, henbane, purple devil thorns (solanum atropurpureum), dill, rue, rosemary (two types), a variety of scented geraniums (my favorites are old spice, rose, and nutmeg), ginger, basils (two types), spearmint, parsley, coleus, nasturtiums, scented snapdragons and tobacco, marjoram, chives (garlic and regular) and lavender. I have saffron crocus bulbs coming in the mail any day now--the seed company ships them in August for fall planting--also English primrose seeds are on the way--these will both be new for me this year.

I have so many cuttings/babies from spider plants and philodendrons that they hang and grow in every window of the house. The philodendron are trained as valances at the tops to the windows and they are so thick that they block the sun just like window shades.

I have grown many other different plants/herbs in other gardens I have maintained in other places I have lived, but above is what I grow currently where I live in the northeast. Those I do not grow now due to space or temperatures, I have dried and store in jars in my herb cabinet (e.g., datura, vervain, mugwort, wormwood, wolfsbane, comfrey, elderberry, pennyroyal, foxglove, hellebores, etc.). Herbs such as St. John's Wort, jewelweed and woody nightshade grow wild everywhere and are easily identifiable, so I don't bother growing them in my gardens. I did not write about how I use each and every plant/herb above as it would be too lengthy a post; however, if anyone is interested, I can expound on any of them.

I am on a search for balsam as I would like to make my own balsam incense this winter. We have a lot of pines and cedars, but balsams are a little harder to find in this area. I think I need to go further into the mountain lake areas to find them.