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07-12-2002, 01:25

Sorry to take longer than I intended - I had to do a reading for my wife in between Major Tom's and yours and then I've not really had time to write up the comments. However here goes:

Your question was should you buy the land.

The chart met the considerations before judgement so it should be a valid reading (providing I get it right!). The Ascendant is in Taurus, and your significator will be Venus. Taurus is concerned with comfort, nice things, financial and material security having a reasonably good quality of life. That tends to fit the overall situation where you are looking to set up a homestead. Venus is in the sixth House, and that covers paid employment, service to the community, therapeutic activities, health care professions, domesticated animals. I’m not sure whether any of this describes you or the situation or your reasons for buying – for example somewhere to allow your pets decent space, or somewhere where you can undergo your own healing process.

Venus is conjunct Mars in the same House and this is not a particularly good sign – Mars is taken as definitely a bad influence in Horary – a tendency to act hastily or out of temper for example.

The last aspect made by the Moon was a square to Neptune – squares are negative in Horary and Neptune is the planet of dreams and aspirations but also in a negative way the planet of self deception, illusions and also drugs (which cause illusions). This doesn’t look that favourable – Neptune is in your eleventh House of friends and associations but also ruling your hopes, wishes, goals, objectives and desires. I would interpret this aspect as a possible indication that your hopes here may be illusory. The next major aspect that the Moon will make, from your chart, is a square to Jupiter in the fifth House. Again this is something of a negative indication, though Jupiter here is well placed being in Leo. The fifth House relates to hobbies, creative activities, love affairs and romance but also gambling and the laws of chance – it governs risk taking. From your posts I can see you are concerned with the risk here and this aspect doesn’t look promising. The two aspects of the Moon don’t usually answer the question, they provide background but the do seem to indicate concerns about your hopes and aspirations and taking a risk to achieve them. If this is how you view the situation then the chart does seem to describe the situation well.

Real estate is ruled by the fourth House and in your chart this is in Cancer and is ruled by the Moon. This turns the above discussion into something more akin to an answer. The land and the risk are definitely not in tune with each other. Furthermore the Moon is separating from your hopes and aspirations rather than drawing near them.

The answer usually is from any major aspect between your ruler (Venus) and the ruler of the Land (the Moon). In this case the Moon has already aspected Venus and is moving away from it. There will be no further major Aspect whilst both planets remain in their current sign. In Horary Astrology the end of a matter is often described by the fourth House, counting from the House which rules the subject of the question. In this case that is the Seventh House of the chart overall and the Moon is in that House.

My feeling is that nothing will come of this deal – for some reason or other it is likely to fall through – probably but not for certain because you are unwilling to take the risk and have already more or less come to that conclusion.

I know this is something of a negative answer but my feeling is that it is probably in tune with what you feel at an unconscious or subconscious and emotional level.

07-12-2002, 08:06
I had a feeling.....
and the universe provided conformation via, mister wiz. thank you.

' I’m not sure whether any of this describes you or the situation or your reasons for buying'

My reasons for land, a home. This particular piece would involve develping a horse stable for trail rides. The area in it's self is VERY theraputic.

Mars is taken as definitely a bad influence in
Horary – a tendency to act hastily

About the man who appoached me with the deal, my intuition said that he was talking a bit ahead of himself. The dynamics of the deal, pretty sound. My ability to fulfill my part, questionable. I would let Fate determine the outcome.
We were to meet and take a walk over the propery, he never showed up. (fate says wait)

....have already more or less come to that conclusion.

what'd I say? heehee...