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01-04-2008, 12:55
I am going through my collection (Integrating my sets to make the collective stronger) and I was wondering, how do I tell the difference between my Jet and Onyx stones? To my eyes they look the same...

For the second part of this topic, I am wondering what stones are alright being kept together. I have a black satin bag to keep my stones in so I am wondering energy-wise if it is hazardous to some stones to be with others. I am currently getting the nerve to put all of my sets together and free from their plastic zip-lock bags. The one I am most hesitant is a healing set I purchased just for use on my dying cat Angel (Cancer) who has actually hung on over half a year past when she was supposed to die. (She was on her deathbed at the end of summer where every second seemed like her last, now, she is vibrant and runs around and seems fine minus the tumor.) Anyway, I used those stones to heal her and channel energy through her and it just seems like if I mix them I will lose them in a way. Like, when she passes those stones might become more precious to me, but on the other hand I know their potential would be stiffled because if I keep them seperate I am likely to never use them again. (It feels like those stones have Angel's energy in them in a way.)

Wow, I ranted. But yes, those are my thoughts of the moment.

01-04-2008, 15:02
Hi Shikamaru,
The jet should feel MUCH lighter than the onyx stones. It's like a piece of amber; it looks heavy but actually is as light as a piece of plastic.
I do mix some of my stones, and some I keep separately. I believe I would keep the healing stones you used on your kitty separate and in a very special bowl or some other place! :heart:

01-04-2008, 15:41
Hello Shikamaru.

I would keep your kitty's stones separate and in a wooden or clay container with a lid for safe keeping. As for mixing stones--if they are energized for specific purposes, I would not mix them, but that is just me. I do not see the harm in mixing "non-working" stones.

I frequently wear both jet and onyx. Like bodhran said, jet is lighter in weight than onyx, and, in my opinion, genuine jet is warmer to the touch than onyx. I have read that jet leaves a brown mark when scratched against cement or unglazed porcelain--but I have never tried it because the stone would then be damaged.


01-04-2008, 21:50
Hello Shikamaru,

I would keep the stones you used for your kitty separate. Just for the reason of the time and the effect and how you felt. Maybe store them or display them on your altar (if you do that).

xxx Marion