View Full Version : Polished vs natural wands

morticia monroe
02-04-2008, 06:05
What do you think? I bought a smoky quartz wand (quartz is my favorite stone, brown my favorite color, and after seeing Hearth Cricket's beauties, I HAD to have one).

So I got a really pretty one! But it IS a polished quartz wand.

Now, from my understanding, this is a wand that was laser cut from a piece of smoky quartz, correct?

I've read conflicting opinions. Some say the sharper cuts channel more effectively, others say it's not as good because it is not a naturally formed wand. As I don't use my crystals for any other purpose but to admire their beauty, touch them, love them, it doesn't seem to matter.

But I am curious as to your opinions or experiences on natural vs polished wands.