View Full Version : Anyone familar with Astronoesis by Daminani?

09-12-2002, 14:25
Hello all,

I've seen a book mentioned in forums called Astronoesis by Anthony Daminani, and wondered if anyone here knows of it.

I priced it on the net and it's pretty expensive. I'm looking for advice on whether to pop for it.

Do you think it might be worth the asking price ($70-$90)!


10-12-2002, 00:15
I'd be wary of buying any book at that price without ensuring that I really, really needed it as an essential addition to my library.

I don't know much about this book - it is certainly not main stream Astrology, though it does claim to reconnect Astrology to its philosophical past and it seems be be endorsed by Rob Hand and the Dalai Lama.

I won't be buying it at that price even if its claims are true. You can read much else in the area of traditional Astrology at a fraction of the price.