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14-04-2008, 06:14
Thought id put this thread here, as we are talking about herbs :)

Ive grown my own herbs for a couple of years with varying degrees of success. (I think on the AT Garden thread someone mentioned forgetting about seed trays and finding them months later all dry and abandoned lol!). So this year I thought I'd add moon planting with my seeds as it can only help the process!

Anyone here done moon planting? Has it increased your yeild and health of the plants? When using the plants for magical or medicinal work have you noticed a difference in potency?

heres a link for more info

14-04-2008, 09:28
My mom grew up on a farm and swore by this. Trouble is, though she told me, I have forgotten the various rules.

Major Tom
14-04-2008, 18:26
Planting by the moon's astronomical sign is one of the features of biodynamic agriculture. This year's Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar (ISBN 0863156118) by Maria & Matthias Thun is a handy guide packed full of useful information.

14-04-2008, 23:48
I,too grew up on a farm. I still plant out of habit from the way I was taught. Because I was a child it was explained simply thus: :)

When there's no moon, plant your seed. As the moon grows, the plant will grow. (like inhaling):) The full moon is like holding your breath. do nothing. During the fading moon the plant is storing up energy for the growing period to come. (exhaling). Hey, I just realized that's like meditate breathe. LOL!
I feed on the first day or so of a new moon so the nutrients will be drawn up during the growth spurt. Try to snip or prune during the waning moon so the plant has time to recover before the next cycle.
I don't know if this is scientific or not, it's just always made sense to me.:)
I use this for everything from arnica to chives to oregano to zucchini. I give away a lot of produce so it seems to work. Hope it helps you. :) Hh