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15-04-2008, 08:19
Ok, when it comes to astrology, I am pretty much lost ! I am trying to get a basic understanding of my natal chart. One of the options on getting my free chart was to show "Lilith." The name only caught my eye as I have recently started reading up on the Goddess Lilith. So, there it is in my chart but what does it mean ? I've been googling but I will be honest, it's going straight over the top of my head !

I've put a link to a pic of my chart & I know it's cheeky but if anyone could explain the Lilith thing as in regards to how it affects me / my chart I would be soooooooo grateful !


15-04-2008, 10:40
that lilith is actually the perigee of the moon, it is when the moon is furthest from the planet regardless of what phase the moon is actually in. Depending on who you are it may make you feel edgy, sad, emotional, or it could be the opposite. Since the body is made of 90% water, the distance of the moon from the planet is purly scientific, but does explain the luminecene of the moon.

Ocean Bliss
21-04-2008, 07:26
Lilith can sometimes show your shadow self which come mostly in two disguises.

The first is that Lilith can show where you feel most ashamed of yourself and what you try to hide from others.

The second is that Lilith can be quite liberating and rebellious. It can show which part of yourself can push you further than maybe even you intend to go. (Although it will shock you in the process as well.)

Aspects to Lilith can cause you to address your shadow in various different ways. If you have hard aspects to Liltih your may have a hard time putting your shadow to rest as the qualities Lilith brings out may demand to be seen. Soft aspects may mean that you have an easier time accepting your dark side if it ever seems to surface at all.

If you take the story of Lilith being the first wife of Adam as a good starting point into interpreting Lilith then add a little bit of Jungian thought on the Shadow then this should help.

I have Lilith in Taurus, opposite my Sun in the Eighth House ruled by Scorpio. It seems that she has a tendency to reflect my dark qualities back at me.

13-03-2009, 10:33
Two fabulous little books on Lilith:

'The Dark Moon Lilith in Astrology' by Ivy M Goldstein-Jacobson


http://www.astroamerica.com/jacob.html#the%20dark%20moon%20lilith%20in%20astro logy


'Black Moon Lilith' by M. Kelley Hunter