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17-04-2008, 03:40
I have a yod in my chart between Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. I have a pretty good idea of what all that means. My question is about Uranus. It is in opposition to Venus and semi-sextiles Jupiter and Saturn. I read somewhere that this turns the yod into a different aspect pattern.

Does anyone have any information on the meaning of this?

I have a link to my chart, if it helps.


17-04-2008, 05:46
JUPITER-SATURN in sextile aspect suggests that opportunity and patience can work well together, alternating between effort and waiting for developments.

URANUS at the mid-point of JUPITER-SATURN suggests changes of direction and of mood, seemingly associated with changes of circumstance. This can be tied to changes of jobs and homes during your lifetime.

Bringing in the opposition of VENUS to URANUS, we find a trend to show a lack of strength or motive, showing up as a lack of consistency in whatever you undertake.

When we look at these symbols and placements (Venus in the 10th opposing Uranus and along the mid-point between Saturn (3rd) and Jupiter (4th) we can summarize this in several ways:

** Jupiter and Saturn have a stop-and-go, do and don't quality to their pairing. Uranus mid-way between these two adds to the ups-and-downs of the pattern. Venus in the 10th and opposing this group brings desires and dreams but they don't seem to materialize relative to other three planets (which serve as a group symbol for "inconsistency."

** Let's look at your SUN-MOON PHASE, the "Activist" phase. Mental or physical action is your nature. You dispose of what you don't need, you grab what you want. This probably is done somewhat impulsively. When you combine this with the Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus-Venus pattern, it all looks like a lot of stops and starts with little progress.

** To the extent that this is all applicable, it will require you to take the time to understand just what each symbol means in your chart, how you apply it, and how you may be able to re-channel it into other forms of expression. Every symbol can express itself in many ways, it's up to you to choose the one or few ways in which to live out your chart. This will require commitment on your part, emphasizing the Saturn-persistence component and minimizing the Uranus-Venus stuff. Dave

18-04-2008, 00:30
Thanks, Dave. That all sounds pretty accurate.