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20-04-2008, 03:26
Hi all,

Last night I made a bracelet for someone. I chose the stones as Spirit moved.

When I finished the bracelet, I kept getting the sense that I should have added some Swarovski crystals to it. I balked at that because the bracelet contained onyx and moonstone (peach and rainbow), and I was concerned that the crystals would up the effect of the stones, which are already powerful as is. Plus (and call me lazy LOL), I would have had to cut the bracelet and re-string the stones in order to add the crystals...and it was late at night!

As I stared at the bracelet, my chest got tight/heavy...and stayed that way, even while I tried to go to sleep (at this point, I'd already packaged the bracelet for shipping). I ended up having to sleep with my morganite (to unblock my heart chakra), rutilated quartz, and sodalite (my preferred triumvirate these days). It worked, and my chest seemed to clear up.

What in the world happened? If the bracelet had that effect on me, should I worry about the effect on the person for whom it is intended? Or was it just my anxiety that the bracelet wouldn't be well received as it stands now? Should I have re-strung the bracelet with the crystals?



20-04-2008, 04:10
this sounds like stress and anxiety to me afrosaxon but can't be completely sure of course...I'm the kind of person that worries a lot so this pain on the chest sounds familiar...just my opinion of course...I'm glad you're OK now



20-04-2008, 15:18
Sounds like a load of anxiety, and I agree, leave out the Swavorski crystals.