View Full Version : Crystals for motivation and attention?

22-04-2008, 22:01
I've been soooo ADD lately. It really isnt funny. I havent been getting my work done and that makes me depressed. Thus, I get less work done.

But I just havent been able to concentrate on anything, or get motivated. ...Pretty sure having enough pollen in my sinuses to choke a cow, coupled with daily migranes isnt helping.

But- nothing helping that.

What all do you recomend to get my arse in gear and keep it on task? I value your guys reccomendations and expierence over my refrences.

...Quartz points, mebee?

My Dumortierite has only managed to make me very organized when it comes to getting nothing done. ;o;

23-04-2008, 02:37
Hi Sleepingcat,
Yes, quartz should help you focus your attention. You might also want to look at something that might calm you a bit. Amber, fluorite, moonstone, and petalite are all good calming stones. If your lack of attention is accompanied by a ‘floaty’ feeling, you might want to add a grounding stone like hematite or sugilite. I think you could combine some of these and get good reuslts. I wish you the best.

23-04-2008, 12:12
Oddly enough, I was feeling much like you described today too. I generally go the labradorite or almandine garnets in this situation, but today I reached for a tumbled stone carnelian bracelet and a tumbled Hypersthene bracelet on my receiving hand and it has worked a treat. Just the ticket! I wear tumbled stone bracelets like this all the time for various situations. Also it's worth getting a hold of a piece of Blue Kyanite too as that can actively get you to straighten up and fly right pretty quickly too. ;) I have a chip necklace of blue kyanite that I wear directly near my skin....worth the hunt and the "restringing", Absolutely!

26-04-2008, 00:18
Today I brought in a low-grade quartz point.

World of diffrence. My work is *gasp* getting done!

...Still half asleep, but more alert. XD