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03-05-2008, 04:08
With this thread I am going to launch a new "Planet Series" of discussions and sharing. The intent of this type of thread is to:

1) REVIEW the natal chart of a well-known personality so that we can identify those chart characteristics which are most evident in their public image. THIS CAN RELATE TO THEIR PUBLIC IMAGE, VOCATION & LIFESTYLE.

2) DISCUSS which chart components contribute to their vocation or public image or lifestyle.

3) SHARE what we individually know of the person being reviewed. Some of us will have more/better access to media, news or even contact with the person and help us fill out question-areas of the chart.

I've changed the title in include image and lifestyle. Apparently many of you are scared to tackle vocation. We are talking basic astrology here. This is a chance to develop your astrological skills using given planet meanings and house meanings. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

A separate thread will be started for each personality. I will offer some comments but will not attempt to initially cover all aspects of the natal chart. That is up to you (collectively). This Planets & Vocation series in intended to be participatory by everyone. No matter your level of astrological knowledge, your views are welcome. Dave

03-05-2008, 05:25
There are a number of books about vocational astrology. I don't own any. The reason is that I have found that there are generally two types of people in terms of the work they do -- the person whose work and nature are compatible such that they love what they do and how they do it, and the person who trades time/skill/effort for money and just sees work as a job. This latter type often finds ways outside of their work to express themselves.

I have noted in the past four decades of astrology that:
1) Angular planets seem to play a major role in what one does and how one does it.
2) Charts with lots of aspect-patterns often point to active, energized people who are more involved in life.
3) More often than not, planets tend to describe the qualities that we bring to our work or avocation -- in other words, "how" we work. We have to look at not so obvious factors to see what work or avocation we might best pursue.

So, can we link planets to specific types of work? I would suggest the following. Keep in mind that those who know vocational astrology as a primary focus may disagree with what I suggest here.

** SUN; Self-employed, crew-chief, corporate officer, spokesman, official of government.
** MOON; Mothers or protective workers, one who works with the public or healing services.
** MERCURY; Conductors and drivers, writers, communication workers, those who travel for a living such as salespeople, tradesman, teachers, therapists.
** VENUS; Collectors, artists involved with shape and form as well as color and harmony, entertainers, decorators, landscapers.
** MARS; sportsmen, soldiers, criminals, mechanics, technicians, doctors or surgeons, craftsman.
** JUPTIER; Officials, religious people, lawyers, bankers, those attracted to those who are wealthy.
** SATURN; Mining, accountants, farmers, construction workers, real-estate agents, draftsmen, researchers.
** URANUS; Inventors, park-rangers and environmental people who work alone, adventurers, guides, some forms of artists involved in new techniques, musicians.
** NEPTUNE; Professions requiring sensitivity such as counselors, actors, medical researchers. Just as likely; con artists, representatives of other's products or offerings, psychics, artists.
** PLUTO; Advertising, managers, detectives and investigators, magicians, actors, public speakers, politians.
** NODAL AXIS; Facilitators, mediators, wedding and event planners.
** CERES (major asteroid); emergency and medical workers, food industry workers, farmers, labor leaders and advocates.
** JUNO (major asteroid); mediator, silent partner or advisor, advocate.
** PALLAS (major asteroid); Justice, diplomat, professor, researcher.
** VESTA (major asteroid); Investment advisor, banker, investigator, security and protection worker-services.


04-05-2008, 03:34
Part of the package of "basics" relative to astrology is the issue of HOUSES. There are many house systems, perhaps a number approaching a 100. What most of them have in common is their ascribed meanings. What makes them different includes the spatial mathematics used to construct them and the fact that very few astrologers understand which house system to use for which type of chart and reading they are doing -- almost everyone uses one house system for every chart they do.

ONLY THE MEANINGS of the 12 houses will be briefly reviewed in this thread, and they will be treated from the viewpoint of applying them to "vocations."

With the charts that will be provided over time with the Planets & Vocation series, along with the planet-meanings guidelines provided earlier, this listing of house meanings will aid everyone, from beginners onward, to participate in the examination of how the planets contribute to our work in the world.

** FIRST house; the personality we exhibit in working with/among others. For those who appear in public as part of their vocation, signs and planets and rulers might want to be considered in terms of how they relate to the public expressions we see in the charts being examined. PERSONALITY.

** SECOND house; relates to how we personally collect and value the material issues in our life. As a vocational issue, this might relate to working with properties of various kinds, of managing investments and monies, of providing personal security. PROTECTING, MANAGING.

** THIRD house; relates to social interchange, siblings, communication. As a vocational expression, communicating, traveling, collecting and disseminating information, planning activities. COMMUNICATING, ACTIVITY.

** FOURTH house; relates to ones home life and family, starting and ending of events and actions. Vocationally, look for activities involving advising, helping those in need, exploring deep and inner meanings of whatever issue or person you are in touch with, resolving or initiating events/activities for others, repairing or building material structures. FUNDAMENTALS, TRANSITION.

** FIFTH house; relates to expanding the family, creativity. For vocations, this may indicate consulting, creative work, decorating, child-related endeavors, influencing the conduct of others on personal levels. SEXUAL ATTRACTION, CREATIVE INSPIRATION.

** SIXTH house; relates to teamwork, making adjustments, taking care of the details of life. Vocation-wise, behind-the-scenes cooperation and supportive functions, possible health and caring applications, craftsmanship in all areas of life, the need to change roles-in-life on occasion. SUPPORT, HELPFULNESS.

** SEVENTH house; partnerships, direct interaction for personal reasons. As a vocational guide, business partnerships, touching others on a personal level, bartering and give-and-take, legalities and contracts, commitments. REACHING OUT, INTERCHANGE.

** EIGHTH house; birth, death, sex and taxes are often cited. For vocations, unequal sharing, demands and commitments, reinterpretation to achieve newness, applying influence upon others. CONSOLIDATION.

** NINTH house; higher education, travel, religious concerns for personal use. For vocations, extending ideas and concepts, exploration, suggesting change in public activities or perceptions, setting new expectations. BEING AN AGENT OF CHANGE.

** TENTH house; ones image before the world, reputation, struggle to live and lead. Vocationally, much the same as one speaks from the heart or for others, seeks to lead or dominate, sets public goals. PUBLIC ROLE, LEADING.

** ELEVENTH house; hopes and associations, future activities. Vocationally, this is the desired outcome of what you do with partners, the associations that are built, the glue that binds what you stood for in the tenth house. EXPECTATIONS, PROMISES.

** TWELTH house; seclusion, preparation for change, endings of cycles. Ones vocational activities may find changing and chaotic conditions as part of the working evironment, withdrawal alternating with efforts to change events, behind the scenes activites and support for others, giving up resources for others. VULNERABILITY, PREPARATION.

Now, these are off-the-cuff as I type this up. Adjustments should be always considered by everyone to fit the way you work with astrology. We will be able to test and modify these suggested house meanings over the next several months. Dave