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03-05-2008, 04:51
NEIL DIAMOND was born on January 24, 1941 at 23h04m in Brooklyn, NY USA, 073w54 40n38. His MC is 19 Cancer, his Ascendant is at 16 Libra.

A simple chart is attached to this posting. Each of you may wish to calculate this chart with your own software or with internet service software to find the house cusps you prefer. Since my chart only has the angles indicated, I will estimate which house a planet may be in.

SUN: 4 Aquarius, 4th house
MOON: 6 Capricorn, 3rd house
MERCURY: 14 Aquarius, 4th house
VENUS: 14 Capricorn, 3rd house
MARS: 13 Sag., 2nd house
JUPITER: 6 Taurus, 7th house
SATURN: 8 Taurus. 7th house
URANUS: 22 Taurus, 8th house
NEPTUNE: 27 Virgo, 12th house
PLUTO: 3 Leo, 10th house
N.NODE: 4 Libra, 12th house

Neil Diamond both writes and sings songs and has been one of the leading singers in the US in terms of concerts, albums (over 20), and songs both written and sung. While he is known for dark and penetrating lyrics, he has written a host of rousing and light-hearted songs. He has been married and divorced twice.

** Sun in the 4th house opposite Pluto in the 10th house, both square to a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the 7th house.
** Moon in the 3rd trine Jupiter-Saturn in the 7th.
** Moon square the nodal axis which runs 12th-to-6th
** Venus at the IC angle.

I'll offer some comments about the Sun-Pluto-Jupiter/Saturn T-Square in the angular houses. Perhaps others will comment about the other major patterns noted or offer insights about other views of the chart.

Sun & Pluto signify the exercise of power, a push to achieve, a need to take control of all around them. This is also a creative pattern and lends an aura of intensity to the person. These people are typically leadership driven.

The square of this axis to Jupiter/Saturn just adds to these qualities as Neil has an urge to expand upon everything he does and touches (Jupiter) as well as having a ruthless nature in driving himself and others to achieve his aims (Saturn). Jupiter and Saturn together are a good pair for a businessman as the pair brings both patience and the ability to seize upon opportunities.

Pluto, being in the 10th, will more greatly influence his public image. Neil's intensity while performing is legendary. All of his fans know all of his songs, they sing and dance along with him at public shows. He projects his voice with great power though his sound systems along with powerful accompaniment. The force of his song and lyrics match the physical energy he puts out. Another aspect of Pluto's control is the fact that Neil Diamond is one of only a handful of top singers that retains copy write control over all of his songs -- the record companies don't own him.

Neil is quite private about his personal life, as shown by the 4th house Sun. It is difficult to "google" his information and find when he was married or divorced in terms of the dates, as an example. There is a biography about Neil titled "Neil Diamond: Solitary Star" written by Rich Wiseman and published by PaperJacks Ltd of Toronto and New York, 1988.

Sun in the 4th always indicates one who has great respect for their core values and tries to remain true to their roots. Neil readily talks about his youth in Brooklyn and has never lost that "common man" quality. His songs look deep into himself and reflect the inner values and thoughts that he has. The song "I am . . . I said" is indicative of these qualities as is many other songs of his.

As noted earlier, Jupiter and Saturn can pair up to make a good businessman. Neil is quite successful having written a huge number of songs, produced many albums, and conducted many world-wide concert tours.

I'll leave these thoughts here and await the comments and insights of others. Have fun with this. Remember, everyone's comments are solicited. Dave