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05-05-2008, 01:37
Can anyone tell me about this. If the day of your birth is astrologically significant- how about the day of your death?

05-05-2008, 05:18
Well, being born and dying marks the end-points of your life span. One's personal importance isn't much at birth as one requires a lot of support. You are important to others, but you aren't important as a contributor or supporter.

On the other hand, when we die we often are in much the same situation, not important as to who we are, only important to others.

A piece of string has two ends. Its the strength, length and capability of the strands of life between the ends that make a life a life. However, you asked, "If the day of your birth is astrologically significant- how about the day of your death?" The answer is YES! Death can be seen, often, astrologically. BUT, and there is a big BUT, death may not be what one might think it is. Consider:
** Dying is often a process. Aging, such that one's body ceases to work very efficiently and as one part slows down it impact other parts. In turn, everything may slow down in a spiral.
** Dying may be due to an illness. When does a disease or an illness start. These are things that reflect a process also. Processes can have difficult to determine "start" times.
** Dying may be due to an accident. Often, an accident involves one or many others, all of whom have charts. Who influences who? Will you see, astrologically, the experience of the accident or the cause of it?
** Dying may be due to the act of another, with or without intent. How will you experience that -- quickly, slowly, knowingly, unknowingly?

From an entirely different perspective, how you may die may require the use of a different chart(s) than a natal chart and transits. Which type of chart might you use for what type of situation that can lead to death? Experience is required here.

I can't give you a short, simple answer. I've predicted death for real people but it's not something you are asked to do very often, if at all. And the answer being sought may not really be about the date of ones death but the process of getting there and the nature of the process. It's not that most are afraid of death as much as it is of understanding what lies ahead on the way there. So, a question and an answer my require a lot of sensitivity.

05-05-2008, 06:27
Hi BA and Dadsnook, I'm not trying to go off subject :D, this is striking a chord with something I've been thinking about a lot lately, what about those that are considered clinically dead and are brought back to life, people who have NDE's say they feel like a completely different person after the experience, I wonder if the Natal~Death~Rebirth chart would somehow combine to make some sort of new natal chart.
I also wonder if a death chart could point to where your soul will go after your death or give some clues to your next life...that probably isn't likely but I'm curious anyway

05-05-2008, 06:49
Yeah, I am definitely not asking about PREDICTING death, but if there is a system that tells what it means to die on a certain day. Like he's a death Taurus or something like that.
If you were to see dying as a process, it would have to start the minute you are born, especially if genetic factors continue to be important. I was just wondering if anyone knew if it meant anything special to die under a certain sign.

05-05-2008, 10:52
Signs are a pet-peeve of mine. I consider them, as used, to be irrelevant. The Tropical Zodiac was "invented" in/around 212 AD by the Greeks. This followed the complete, workable zodiac that had been in use for about a thousand years before that, a zodiac established and developed by observation compared with careful correlation. Today, we call that the Sidereal Zodiac, back then it was just the zodiac. Apparently the Greeks misunderstood the math and tables of information they borrowed from the Babylonians, Assyrians and others related or descended from them. The zodiac, at that time of upheaval, was based upon the equinox and the seasonal calendar and not the constellation-basis of reference used for hundreds of years earlier.

Now, many studies have been done concerning the tropical zodiac. The most extensive and life-long study was done by Michael Gauquin (?) of France in the middle and latter 1900's. He found extensive correlations between angular planets and their influence professionally in hundreds of thousands of charts. The only big thing was that sign-influence was all wrong and very inconsistent. When his life long study was recalculated using the Sidereal zodiac, every thing fit amazingly well. Those statistics will be published in the next couple of years and may well turn Tropical astrology on its head.

In any case, tropical or sidereal, signs are "modifiers" at best. The planets and the cycles and aspects are what works. I disagree strongly with your statement that death starts when you are born. The process of dying starts when something changes that is outside the bounds of natural body functions in terms of normal healthy living. Viruses, bacteria, infection, accidents, the aging process, one body system getting out of whack and affecting others (plaque build up in the arteries due to diet, for example) -- these might all start the dying process. Even dispair, depressions, or one's attitude can bring on the road to death.

The day you die does tell about what you are experiencing in certain types of charts. As I noted, it often requires various ways of looking at charts to do prediction. In some cases, just the natal chart and transits will tell of a certain view of death. In other cases, cyclic charts are most appropriate. There is a cycle that commences at birth and move through ones whole life. This cycle is typically not known to early-studies-students and is dependent upon more than a casual awareness of astrology. Sometimes this cycle and relevant charts work better in predicting death. But, this discussion is beyond many who follow this forum and would require a lot of explanation and time.

To summarize, I have never seen "death" signatures being related to a certain sun-sign. Death can be predictable but never certain and definitely hard to identify before hand in most cases -- easier to see after the fact. Death can "start" or "occur" at any point. Until then, we live. Death and resurrection in terms of what SMV noted would be an interesting study.

SMV, do you have any data for people who have had this type of experience?


05-05-2008, 23:59
SMV, do you have any data for people who have had this type of experience?
I'm afraid I don't. It was something that popped into my head while researching NDE's, it made me wonder what would cause such a dramatic change in people who've had this experience outside of having a new found appreciation and outlook for life in general. I'll do some more poking around to see if I can find a valid chart somewhere, so far I haven't found anything.