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10-05-2008, 21:25

10-05-2008, 21:43
I think it has to do with the fact the larger planets orbits are so much longer. But I am sure Dave will be a long shortly. :)

I just did mine and pluto is still in virgo and jupiter and saturn have moved but saturn is still in Cap.... the interesting thing for me was I was virgo with taurus rising and a grand trine with my asc/sun/ mid heaven and now my sn is in scorpio and my ascendent is cancer and jupiter is in aquarius.

The personal planets rearranged themselves. Interesting KK!

11-05-2008, 14:04
Franniee has the essence of the answer. Permit me to elaborate.

First, Kilted Kat, you have to know, really know, what a progressed chart is. I'm not sure what your exposure or experience with astrology consists of, so I'll make a short-story long. "Progressions" are generally seen as any chart which is based on "symbolic time". There are many types of progression charts. The two most popular are called Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Progressions. Both are based on a "one-day equals one-year" concept. For example, if you wished to look at your thirty-fifth year, you would look at a chart cast for the 35th day after your day of birth.

During any single day the Sun advances a little less than one degree, the Moon advances 12 to 15 degrees, the personal planets advance a varying rates up to a couple of degrees, the outer planets take longer -- Pluto averaging some 20 years in a sign. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the outer planets will move out of one sign and into another sign for most people.

Also, planets may be retrograde at birth and end up wandering around within a degree or two of their birth location for 30 or 60 or more days -- this equating to 30 or 60 or more years of time.

That being said, let's return to the different types of progressed charts. The Secondary Progression chart advances each astrological body by its daily motion at/after birth. Some software programs permit you to apply the birth date's motion to each/every day after birth, or to use the actual motions for the number of days after birth to find the total motion for a given day/year. (I'll let you think about the difference in the two examples given). The MC angle can also be progressed by various rates -- the mean rate, the current rate, the actual rate for the number of days/years after birth. Astrologers have often argued heatedly over which of the different approaches to take.

The Solar Arc Progression charts advance all astrological bodies by the Sun's rate of motion. Again, you can apply different rates; the rate of motion on the day of birth, the average or "mean" rate, the actual rate over time.

Finally, you have to consider the purpose for choosing and using Secondary or Solar Arc progressions. These two charts are different from each other and are used (or should be used) for different purposes. Each of the list members should think about this and try to determine exactly what the differences mean.

Back in "pre-computer" days, astrologers and students did not casually "whip" off a chart -- it took to much time to calculate, so charts weren't calculated and drawn up unless you knew what you needed and how you were to going to use the chart. Today every clicks a few keys and then receives what they asked for -- the problem being that many don't understand what they ask for or what to do with it. So, at this point everyone should google all of these questions and find out the answers for themselves. Do think about why and when you might use these types of charts. Dave.

11-05-2008, 20:36
This was definitely a learning curve for me.

No wonder the are in the same signs, because this is actually a chart only (almost) 39 days after my birth...

12-05-2008, 02:02
I've posed some questions in my last post. If you each run two or three charts, progressed for important event dates in your life, using both Secondary Progressions and Solar Arc Progressions -- and then compare them, you should start to understand how they are different and why/when you would use one over the other. Dave

12-05-2008, 06:40
Dadsnook2000 said:"Back in "pre-computer" days, astrologers and students did not casually "whip" off a chart -- it took to much time to calculate, so charts weren't calculated and drawn up unless you knew what you needed and how you were to going to use the chart."Ah.. those were the days.... And you had to buy the annual Raphaels Ephemeris!

I love my computer :)


12-05-2008, 07:16
Computers are nice but they seem to be linked to today's early-studies students avoiding some basic learning processes. All I see today is chit-chat and endless questions WITHOUT much evidence of someone trying to study and learn about the real astrology. Everyone would really do themselves a favor if they learned how to manually calculate charts, shift time zones, relocate to the southern hemisphere, progress charts four or five different ways, work with tropical and sidereal and precession-corrected solar returns, know and use mid-point theory --- all that just for starters.

Although I am happy to answer questions, I do wonder why people don't join astrological training groups on the Internet such as NCGR or take more correspondence courses, or acquire astrological books (about 50 or 100 for starters) or go through the steps to learn about this amazing field. Dave

12-05-2008, 09:44
I thought this was the purpose of an open Forum----for discussion.

So forgive me for not dropping everything to answer your questions, or going out and spending 1000's of dollars purchase a library of 100's of books.

I guess I don't work hard enough already 50+ hours a week with two jobs with several other hobbies. Or maybe I should work an additional 50 to be able to afford such books.

Hmmm <scratches chin>

Time to filter out this forum, I suppose.

See ya!

12-05-2008, 21:08
Hello Kilted kat,

Just wanted to say that I never had the cash for books or courses (only a few existed and were expensive). So I'm 'self-taught'. I raked through every library I came upon - even in my lunch hour(s) - for anything and everything that mentioned planets or the zodiac. A complete hodge-podge of reading fare! But eventually I got 'there'. And then, guess what? Suddenly it seemed there was a big surge of public interest... the 'new age' had come in with a bang and there was tons of info everywhere....... that's life 'aint it?

But I struggled with so many different methods, progressions & house systems etc., that I think I've forgotton more than I learned!

I would've loved to have had somewhere like this to discuss the many stumbling blocks I came across. But in the end I'm glad I did the long, hard way, and more than glad that's it's behind me!