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14-05-2008, 12:34
"hi im newbie here, i've been reading all your discussions since i discovered this site just this week...i've seen all you're amazing crystals and minerals...its really kept me breathless because i love them all...i only got a fire opal ring (just discovered the stone this month by a thorough research from the web) but it was it was given to me for a birthday present from a japanese friend 25 yrs. ago, then a "rosary crystal from vatican, italy another present from my aunt whos a catholic nun, then a few bracelets with cats-eye though im not sure if its genuine because i just bought it from a local store...those are only my precious treasure. seeing all your collections made me wish to have my personal collection too...though its quite impossible for me now due to monetary problems but im not losing hope...right? as for now i just settle myself looking at your personal collections.:) my nickname is "crystal" thats what my family and friends call me, and somehow i could feel that there is a connection...just only now...during this awakening after 43 yrs of my life."

14-05-2008, 13:42
Hi Crystal,

Welcome to AT!

Those of us with crystal collections took quite some time to build them, so don't lose hope! :D

Building your collection doesn't have to break the bank, either. Some of us received crystals as gifts, others traded or bartered something they had or could make (like a tarot or oracle deck, or tarot bags, or even other crystals) for crystals. Something can usually be worked out with the folks here on AT, but you have to make your needs known. As a woman used to say, "A closed mouth don't get fed." :D

Good luck!


14-05-2008, 14:07
Another thing you might do right now is get a nice crystal book...that way you can decide what you are drawn too and the name and properties of that crystal.
Then if you happen upon some crystals to buy you'll know what they are, how rare they are or not and that way you won't get caught over paying for your stones.

14-05-2008, 14:23
thanks for the inspirational messages...guidance...i am really enlightened. of course after knowing someone like you guys gave me a lot of hope especially that i am a struggling mom for my kids education. what matters now is that my passion for crystals and the like will not stop because i've known now in my heart that something really special does exists and thats because of you guys.